Where 'The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd' Cast Is Now

Comfort Omovre
Jul 09, 2019
09:43 A.M.
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“The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd” is still widely recognized as one of the most famous American classic comedies till date. Here's what the main cast has been up to. 


“The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd” was quite popular back in its heyday, the late 80s thanks to the sterling portrayals of its ensemble cast. 


The cast included Blair Brown who played the titular role of Molly Dodd, William Converse-Roberts, Richard Lawson and David Strathairn. Even though they have all moved on to make more exceptional achievements in the film industry, some of them are still famously recognized for their “Molly Dodd” roles. 


First and foremost is Blair Brown, who starred in the lead role of Molly Dodd, the gentle beauty who seemed to charm everyone wherever she went. Brown did great justice to playing Molly Dodd, and it earned her numerous awards. 

When the show came to its ultimate end in 1991, the Washington-born beauty went on to star in multiple films like “The Astronaut’s Wife,” “Space Cowboys,” and many others. 


Even long after the end of Molly Dodd, Brown has continued to enjoy a bustling career on television. She has earned herself a great fan following for her recurring appearance in “Fringe” and “Orange is the New Black.”


Next up is William Converse-Roberts who played the role of Fred, Molly's jazz musician ex-husband. Soon after the end of “The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd,” the 67-year-old went on to star in NBC’s 1991 drama series, “Reasonable Doubts” and made numerous appearances in other award-winning shows and films. Much like Blair, he has continued to enjoy success in the film industry. 




Richard Lawson won the hearts of many for playing the role of Detective Nathaniel Hawthorne, Molly's baby daddy. After the show’s end in 1991, Lawson starred in the soap opera “All My Children” and went on to make numerous guest appearances on TV including in “Soul Food” and “The Bernie Mac Show.”

Now well past his prime, the actor is less commonly seen on the movie scene. He, however, remains in the spotlight after becoming Beyoncé’s stepfather thanks to his marriage to her stunning mother, Tina Knowles. 



He played the role of Moss Goodman, one of Molly's love interests and when that came to a halt, he went on to star in numerous movies and television series. He is now widely recognized as an award-winning actor and has garnered many awards for his acts in the film industry. You can watch Strathairn in the 2018 film, “An Interview with God.”



Last but not least is Anderman who played the role of Nina Shapiro, Molly's best friend. The sterling beauty ditched television to focus on her love for the theater. Although she has occasionally made appearances on TV, the 72-year-old has worked more extensively in the theater and has been doing admirably well too. 

“The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd” ended about three decades ago, but it remains indeed heartwarming to find that its star cast is still alive and well. What is even better is that they have continued to make waves in the highly competitive industry.