Life and Struggles of 'The Brady Bunch' Mike Lookinland

Mike Lookinland of the “Brady Bunch,” grew up too fast on the set of the TV show, and his life for a long time mirrored his misplaced childhood until he found himself again.

Mike Lookinland, spent his early years on the set of  “The Brady Bunch,” and in the 2013 interview series of OWN, “Where Are They Now?” the actor revealed the impact it had on his life.


Lookinland said that having fame at a young age affected him, and admonished that everyone should live their childhood because growing up too fast is dangerous.

The actor added “I lived my childhood in my 20s,” and it became the thing that drove him to the bottle. The father-of-two recalled that he fell in love with alcohol after tasting it for the first time, and he saw it as the “Greatest thing in the world.”

For the then-young actor, the option was not between sobering up or taking another drink but living or dying, and when he understood what those options meant, he decided to clean up his act.

At the time of the interview, Lookinland who at a point in his life never thought he could give up the bottle, proudly declared that he was sixteen years sober, and described it as a “Great” accomplishment.


After the declaration, the actor who played “Bobby Brady” said “The rest is history,” and went on to reveal that he had the first words ever spoken on the TV show that started in ’69.

Lookinland after the show ended, went to the  University of Utah, where he met his wife, Kelly Wermuth, whom he married in ’87.

The actor later quit acting and went behind the camera to produce movies, and after 20 years in production, he read the book “How to Make Concrete Countertops” and decided to switch careers.

The Hollywood child star described his new profession as “Artistic, rewarding, and permanent;” something real that he can do himself.


Building concrete countertops was a change of pace for the actor who began his career in Hollywood at the age of nine. Lookinland owed his journey into the movie world to a family friend who saw his family's picture and told his father his children would do well in show business.

After much convincing, the actor turned entrepreneur's father agreed, and little Lookinland had his first gig in advertising. He reprised his role in “The Brady Bunch” in the ’76 show, “The Brady Bunch Variety Hour” and in the year 2000, he starred in “The Way of the Gun.”

Recently, there was a quiz online on the name of the street where the “Brady” family lived, and suggestions ranged from Elm Street, Lake, to Sunset Drive.

Being on the show might have stolen Looklinland's childhood, but it immortalized him in a way that is far stronger and more lasting than concrete.

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