July 16, 2019

Eminem's Buff Daughter Hailie Shares Gym Tips with Her Followers

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Eminem's daughter Hailie Scott shows off her banging body in an Instagram post. The 23-year-old is famous for her intense workout regimen which she shares on her account.

A few days back, Hailie, Eminem's daughter with ex-wife Kim Mathers, took to Instagram to show off her fantastic physique, before going ahead to disclose how she got the great body. 

In the caption which followed the post, she gave a hilarious statement which



"90% hard work, 10% lighting." 


However, how she got this amazing body isn't something unknown to her fans as she's known to be benevolent when it comes to offering fitness tips through her videos. 

According to Hollywood Life, Hailie has been captured showing fitness exercises in several videos on her Instagram story.

A few of them include clips showing her perform exercises such as  Overhead press, V-sit hold using dumbbells and cross over cable knee crunch. 



While another featured her performing a unique workout which she called 'dumbbell back fly,' and laying on a yoga mat while doing the weighted jackknife crunch. 



Hailie went ahead to advise those who decided to try out her workout to do three sets of fifteen reps for each of the exercises, and it is apparent that the strict workout routine is paying off for her.

The Instagram post and several other public sightings of Hailie are proof of this. 


Hallie has sure grown from the little girl her famous father sang about in his 2004 hit, "Mockingbird." She is no longer daddy's little girl!


Hailie, who was born on December 25, 1995, is Eminem's first daughter as well as his only biological child. Her mother is Kim Mathers, but she isn't his only child. 


Whitney Scott Mathers 

Whitney is another of Eminem's kids. She was adopted by Eminem following her mother's battle with drug addiction. Whitney was born to Eric Hartter by Kim Mathers following her separation from Eminem. 

Alaina Marie Mathers 

Alaina was born to Dawn Scott who is Kim's twin sister. According to reports, Dawn was suffering from drug addiction, which made Eminem adopt Alaina to provide her with some comfort.

These girls are truly lucky to have a father in the incredible, Eminem.