Shirley from 'Midnight Cowboy' Is 79 Now and Looks Different to Her Movie Character

Brenda Buell Vaccaro has made a name for herself in the movie industry. One of the highlights of her career was her role as "Shirley" in the hit movie, "Midnight Cowboy," but at 79, she is now understandably past her youthful looks. 

The beautiful actress continues to take major roles in films and television series, as she enjoys her job so much. Her Instagram posts also show that the Golden Globe Award winner is loving life at the moment.

Brenda has an active presence on the social media platform, as she makes several posts of the happenings in her life and other key moments. '

Brenda's latest post showed her longtime friend, Barbra Streisand, as the pair post up for a lovely pic. Both women, legends in their rights, looked adorable in the pictures, their appearance belies their age.

Brenda captioned the post with a tribute to Barbra, telling her she amazes her and commending her performance in New York City. 

Brenda also posted a throwback picture on the 50th anniversary of "Midnight Cowboy." The picture showed her behind the scene with the director, John Schlesinger.

The actress is a fan of throwbacks, and once posted a throwback photo of herself, rocking short hair. Short hair or long hair, she is always beautiful, no matter what, and she knows it too. 

Brenda turns 80 on November 18, and she is not counting the years, but making the years count, as seen in her post on her birthday last year. 

The star actress has been married to Guy Hector since 1986, but she was also married to other men before him. One of such men is Michael Douglas, and she recalled the experience she shared with him in another post on her Instagram page.

The post had a picture of the ex-couple, and she captioned by stating how they were a beautiful pair, and how well she remembers everything.

The pair did have some special moments together, with Brenda once admitting that she and Michael tried their hands on drugs, among other experiences. 

Brenda's marriage to Guy Hector is 33 years now, but the couple has no children together. They continue to live happily, with no controversy ever heard about their union.

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