'The Parent 'Hood's Reagan 'Zara' Gomez Is Looking Good at 39 & Has a Beautiful Family

Reagan Gomez-Preston is well-known for playing Zara from "The Parent'Hood," but years after that, she is now an established businesswoman, producer, actress, and all-around mother. 

Now 39-years-old, it's been two decades since she played the role of Zara Peterson in the '90s sitcom "The Parent'Hood." The show aired from 1995 to 1999 and centered around an upper-middle-class family in Harlem. 

Reagan Gomez-Preston's Family

Since then, she's lived a quiet life with her husband, DeWayne Turrentine, and their two children, Scarlett Annette, 11, and Tyger Attila, 7. 

These days, Gomez also runs her own production company and is working on a digital series called "Surviving," which she produces and stars in as its lead actress. 

Keeping In-Touch

While the show ended two decades ago, Reagan still makes sure to keep in touch with her co-workers, as they've become family to her. Recently, she joined her co-stars Curtis Williams, who played Nicholas, and Ashli Adams, who played Cece. 

The trio was together for Ashli's baby shower, and Gomez made sure to post a photo of them on "National Siblings Day" as they were indeed siblings in the show. 

On the photo's caption, she wrote: 

"@reagangomez: Yes. You are that old. 5 points if you can figure out who these gorgeous people are. Sooooo happy for you @ashliamari & it was awesome seeing you @mrcurtiswilliams!! #nationalsiblingsday"

Siblings Missing-In-Action

Not part of their reunion is two of their other on-screen siblings, Kenn Blank, who played Michael, and Tyrone Dorzell Burton, who played T.K. 

It's great to see the co-stars trying their best to reunite with one another once in a while, especially with their own things going on nowadays. 

As for Reagan, her schedule revolves around producing shows, acting, doing sideline businesses, and of course, spending time with her kids before and after school. 

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