Kevin Bacon and Wife Kyra Sedgwick Praised for Singing Together in a Sweet New Video

Kevin Bacon recently stepped on stage with his band, The Bacon Brothers, to deliver a fantastic performance but there was someone who made it all so much more special.

Bacon's wife, actress Kyra Sedgwick, joined her sweetheart and sang alongside him while he played the guitar, much to the delight of the crowd.

The sweet moment was shared by the famous actor on his official Instagram page and fans and followers couldn't help but praise them for their talent.

Photo: Instagram/kevinbacon

Photo: Instagram/kevinbacon


Bacon, who has appeared in films such as "Footloose," "Mystic River," "Hollow Man" and "Wild Things," seemed perfectly comfortable on stage and his voice hit all the right notes.

While her husband handled most of the song, Sedgwick jumped in every time the "I Feel You" chorus came up. Although singing is not her forte, the actress and director managed to hold her own.


The chemistry between Bacon and Sedgwick was undeniable, but not surprising considering that the two have been together for over 30 years.

When asked about the secret behind such a successful marriage, Sedgwick said:

"I always get uncomfortable with that question because I always feel like, the secret to a happy marriage is to not take advice from celebrities about marriage."


They now have one of the longest marriages in Hollywood, along with Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan or Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, and are still madly in love.

Earlier this year, on Valentine's Day, Bacon sat beside his dog and picked up a ukelele to sing Joni Michell's iconic "A Case of You," ending the performance with a whispered "Happy Valentine's Day, honey. I love you."

Sedgwick responded to the sweet Instagram video by telling him that she loved him back, adding that the song pertained more to his "contentious relationship" with his dog, Lily, than to theirs.

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