Stories from 'My 600-Lb Life' That Didn't End Well

Comfort Omovre
Aug 13, 2019
03:40 A.M.
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“My 600-Lb Life” is renowned for its numerous successes when it comes to bringing hope to over-weight cases which have been ruled out as a lost cause.


As much as the reality show’s star, Dr. Now tries to achieve a healthier life for his patients through their weight loss journey, many of those cases end up in a dire situation.


Unlike most reality shows that major on weight loss, the reality show, “My 600 Lb” is more concerned with showing the weight loss struggles of people in real-life situations, without care for the impact on viewers.


Irrespective of the outcome, the show-anchor, Dr. Now endeavors to give viewers a follow up on each of the cases handled in each episode of the reality series.

Sadly, not all these cases end in happily-ever-after, as most time, after following through the expert doctor’s pound-shedding routines, the patient still wounds up in a terrible state, or worse, dead.

However, the reality show’s honesty has left more people seeking out the star doctor, even after knowing the odds. Here are some of the cases that didn’t go well.



An episode of the show centered on the journey of Robert Buchel, an 850-pounds, painkiller addict. The Forked River resident began the program with hopes of achieving a healthier life.

Although he found it challenging to adapt to the routines at first, he soon let his determination better for his beloved mom and fiance set in.

Not long after, he developed a healthy eating habit, controlled his addiction, got some pounds surgically removed, and lost 350 pounds.

However, he succumbed to depression following the surgery and soon began yearning for his former addiction, to the point of undoing his stitches severally just to get the doctors to give him some. The episode ended with the fighter, dying of a heart attack due to excessive drug consumption.



These brothers, Steven and Justin, were one hilarious pair, as seen in their episode. While Justin was compliant with the reality star’s routine, his brother was a mischievous bully who pretended to comply.

Unknown to the doctors, he bullied his parents into sneaking in some unhealthy diets for him and even stole his brother’s painkillers to sate his drug addiction.


This continued affront frustrated Steven into quitting the program, against the doctor’s advice. He went further to accuse the show of blackmailing him in a Reddit post(now deleted).  Shortly after, Justin followed suit, and thus, both brothers never accomplished their weight-loss goals.


Sean Milliken was a 29-year-old who weighed 900pounds when he first joined the program. Due to the excessive weight, he was immobile. Under Dr. Now’s watch, the 29-year-old lost hundreds of pounds and even started walking after undergoing surgery.


However, Sean lost his beloved mother in 2018 and was forced to move out of his Houston apartment, which he could no longer afford. Shortly after, Sean also passed away due to an infection that affected his breathing and made his heart stop.


In a season 2 episode, an unwilling Penny Saeger was featured. After months in the program, she could not overcome her compulsive eating habits. She, however, lost 40 pounds after being placed on a compulsory controlled diet prior to her weight loss surgery.


Following her gastric bypass, she added five pounds which confirmed that she still somehow managed to sneak in some food.

Eventually, she quit the program because of her inability to subdue her food addiction, but not before the star doctor speculated that her addiction would indeed kill her.

The TLC hit show premiered in 2012 and has since been a huge help for people with hopeless cases of obesity.

The ever able Dr. Now, who recently went through a painful divorce, has been there to take on the many weight loss challenges thrown at him and has saved countless lives ever since.