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How Did The Cast of 'Marrying Millions' Meet and What Are They Worth?

Jaimie-lee Prince
Aug 18, 2019
04:10 A.M.
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The reality show "Marrying Millions" gives us a behind the scenes look into severely financially imbalanced relationships. What most of us really want to know though is how it all starts — in other words, where can we meet millionaires.


In the year 2019, it's all about having independence and being a boss lady if you're a woman. If you're a man, effectively the gender role is pretty much the same, you're expected to make the dough regardless if your lady is, too — that reality carries over into the couples of "Marrying Millions" in all instances but one.

On Lifetime's newest reality show, we follow the lives of five lucky women who got a drastic financial level up after meeting the loves of their lives who happen to be rich. Those of us on the outside know about the prenup dilemma, but there's also age differences, family pressures, and other issues.


Megan Thomas and Sean Lourdes

Let's start with what we know: a slight age difference and a prenup problem. Megan, 25, and Sean, 36, came from different worlds and met in the middle. Sean is the heir to Auge Media, a publishing company reportedly valued at $30 million.

In contrast, Megan's working-class parents were an elementary school teacher and a firefighter. The pair have been together for five years already, but, like their castmates, they're still not married. Sean, however, would say that since he and Megan share a son, three-year-old Sean Jr., they've practically tied the knot.

Speaking in an interview with MEAWW, Megan revealed how they met:


“I met Sean when I was going to UCLA. My family has always been into helping others. I saw an open position at Sean’s Lourdes Foundation and applied for it, and that was the first time we were supposed to meet but he didn't make it. And then he pursued me for about a year-and-a-half after that and we finally met."


The blonde beauty said there was an "immediate connection" with Sean and she moved in the day after they met. She wants to get married to fulfill her childhood dream of walking down the aisle with her father. There's just one thing standing in their way.

Sean said that his father is not only too money-focused, but he's also the one insisting on getting a prenup. Megan isn't too keen on it, saying in one episode that "marriage is not a business agreement." Sean will have to sort something out to keep both his money tree — we mean his dad — and the love of his life happy.

Kate London and Shawn Don

This next couple has us asking if 33-year-old Kate will turn out to be a ride or die chick to her rich partner, Shaun. Now 29, Shawn has been passionate about rapping since he was 16. However, he earned his millions by working in the technology sector.


Though he's ready to go back to pursuing his musical dreams, the reality of him constantly getting hounded by groupies is not something girlfriend Kate particularly likes. It may come with the territory, but Kate, a jealous woman, believes that Shawn is her territory.

According to Lifetime, the two met when Shawn showed up as a keynote speaker for a business conference. Kate later went to Shawn about doing a mentorship, and the pair hit it off from there. However, while Kate is ready to take the next step, Shawn is just getting into the rapper lifestyle.

Gentille Chhun and Brian

After one year together, Gentille Chhun, 43, and Brian, 48, are considering stepping up to the altar. Already in her 40s, Gentille can decide freely whether or not she wants to risk sharing her wealth with her partner. However, her family has serious doubts about Brian's intentions.


She and Brian will have to convince the next line of unwanted defense, Gentille's friends, that the Minnesotan construction worker is right for her. The Vegas real estate investor with a net worth of $15 million met her mate when she was looking for "cheap labor" for a job, Brian said.

Brianna Ramirez and Bill Hutchinson

This couple has everything going for them. They're interracial, on different ends of the financial scale, and have a huge age difference between them. Brianna, 21, didn't know what hit her when she met Bill, 60.


She was working as a diner hostess where the millionaire decided to have a bite to eat. The rest is history. Bill also works in real estate as the owner of a large privately owned company. His net worth is allegedly so huge he's decided it's not for the public to know.

Katie Hamilton and Kolton Pierce

Unlike the rest of the cast, Katie, 37, is no stranger to reality television. She made her way onto the "Real Housewives of Orange County" thanks to her previous marriage to baseball player Josh Hamilton. The relationship left her with three beautiful daughters and made her $10 million richer.


Inadvertently, one of Katie's daughters played matchmaker when she brought home her 23-year-old friend and aspiring rapper Kolton. After only three months, Katie and Kolton are looking to making things official. How awkward would it be if your friend becomes your stepfather?

Rosie and Drew

Rosie and Drew are 23 and 39 respectively, and their relationship is not all that special — except of course for the fact that Drew is a multimillionaire owner of a landscaping company. He's been married once prior, while this would be Rosie's first rodeo.

The twist is, Rosie's parents are strongly against her marriage to Drew. To make things worse, the couple has a vulnerability in the story of how they met. They're not willing to talk about it; not with the show's producers and not with Rosie's parents.


When asked how he met his love, Drew reportedly answered: "You're picking the wrong rock to turn over." In another instance, Rosie made it clear that if her parents learned about how she met Drew, all chances of getting their approval would be thrown out the window.

Of course, viewers have shared their theories about the pair. One person suggested that they met on "a sugar baby website" while another even specified which site they think Rosie and Drew used. Others were not as concerned, with one person mentioning Tinder as their meeting place.

Let's just hope that Rosie's summary of her dating history with Drew is not reflective of all the cast's feelings. She reportedly said: "When I first met Drew, he was willing to bring me to fancy dinners and buy me things and expose me to tons of new experiences, and I fell in love with him."

That last part should be the most important, but it almost seems like an afterthought. Let's hope we're wrong. New episodes of Lifetime's "Marrying Millions" premiere on Wednesdays at 10/9 c.