Remy Ma Shows off Her Tiny Waist in Tight Outfit 8 Months after Giving Birth

Remy Ma is determined to stay in fit shape despite recently giving birth, and she's made a couple of sacrifices to make sure that happens.

Remy Ma's physique gets slimmer and slimmer as time passes, and it's all thanks to a few sacrifices she's made to ensure she stays this way. 

After giving birth to her child with Papoose, the reality TV star wasted no time in making sure she lost all her post-partum weight. One way to achieve this was for her to give up eating meat. 

A No-Meat Diet

While she's mostly consuming fruits and vegetables nowadays, she also makes sure to put in some seafood here and there. 

“Well, first I did a juicing thing and cleansed everything, and then I stopped eating meat. I only do like seafood here and there. Mostly just fruits and vegetables and water, water, water. It’s a lot, but when you go outside and then everyone says, ‘Oh my God, Remy looks so good.’ I’m like, ‘You know what? I really don’t need that soda. It’s OK. I didn’t want it anyway,’” she shared.

The Fruits of her Hardwork

In her most recent Instagram photo, she showed off the fruits of her labor, wearing a bright red t-shirt, a waist-hugging belt, a pair of track pants, and thigh-high boots that flashed her thin waist and slim physique.

This is one of the many "OOTD" photos Remy's posted since giving birth, and they all prove one thing: she's got no post-partum weight gain. In fact, it's the complete opposite for her as she really put in work for this to happen.

Now, all her hard work has paid off, and she can continue being the best mom to her Golden Child with Papoose without compromising the way she looks, her career, and her health. 

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