Ron Ely's Family: Meet the 'Tarzan' Actor's Wife Valerie and Their Kids

Get to know the family of the 1960s actor Ron Ely, who is best known for portraying Tarzan in the 1966-68 NBC series "Tarzan." 

Ron married Valerie Lundeen in 1984, and they had three children — Kirsten, Kaitland, and Cameron, as reported by Closer Weekly.

"Just because you're an 'adult,' it doesn't mean that mom and dad should be kicked to the curb."

Ron Ely at Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel & Convention Center on Saturday October 9, 2011 in Burbank, California. | Photo: Getty Images

Ron Ely at Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel & Convention Center on Saturday October 9, 2011 in Burbank, California. | Photo: Getty Images

In 1981, Valerie won the Miss Florida USA competition. Later that same year, she also went on to compete at Miss USA.

The couple's daughter Kristen is a blogger and an influencer. Currently, she has more than 26,000 followers on Instagram.

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This is one of my favorite photos ever... which is funny because - at first - none of us thought it was “good enough.” The Backstory: We gathered to take a photo of the women in our family with Jaxon. This is the FIRST picture we took. We looked at it + decided we could do better. We then took a series of photos (SWIPE to see some of them). Finally - we decided that none of the pictures were “perfect,” but that one of the photos we had snapped would be “good enough.” A few days later I was looking through my photos and I was struck by something. THIS PHOTO. The FIRST photo we took. It was PERFECT. Everyone in the photo looked radiant, beautiful, happy, and full of light. Why hadn’t we been able to see it before? I thought about this for awhile and came up with two things: 1. We are oftentimes our own WORST CRITIC. 2. We live in a time where we are led to believe that having MORE OPTIONS is best. In regards to being our own worst critic - I am vowing to consciously stop doing this. It was almost a subconscious reflex - “I can do better.” Nope. Done. My new mantra is: “I rock. I’m amazing. I’m crushing it. Just by being me.” I want that to be your new mantra, too. I want all of us to be our own BIGGEST CHEERLEADER. Sorry, Critic. There’s no room left in this theater. The show is sold out. And the cheerleader bought all of the seats. Now in regards to more options being a good thing - sure, sometimes it is. I love being able to order fries a million different ways (Curly? Seasoned? Waffle? Shoestring? I’ll take allllll the options). Sometimes, though, all of these options ROB US OF OUR GRATITUDE. We think that there must be something better out there and that what we have + who we are isn’t enough. I’m done with this, too. I LOVE MY LIFE AND I DON’T NEED ALL OF THESE OPTIONS! (Except for fries: please keep those options open) So: I’m having this photo printed + FRAMED. A reminder of some of the people I love the MOST... myself included.

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In a 2010 blog post, Kristen expressed just how much her mother and father mean to her.

"Your mom really can be your best friend. And your dad really can give amazing advice," she wrote. "Just because you're an 'adult,' it doesn't mean that mom and dad should be kicked to the curb."

She added, "It can be quite a gift to be able to stay their 'little girl'… it can also be horribly annoying… but try to ignore the annoying part."

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Meanwhile, Kaitland is a doting mother to her son Jaxton. She regularly shares photos and videos of him on her Instagram account.

In July 2019, the proud mother posted a video of Jaxton being helped to walk by his grandma. She wrote:

"The day after his first birthday he took his FIRST steps! I was lucky enough to capture them!!! So proud of my little man!!!"

Ron and Valerie's son Cameron attended the elite Philips Exeter Academy boarding school in New Hampshire. He then went to Harvard University, where he played quarterback, Heavy reported.

Cameron is suspected of killing his mom before being shot by sheriff's deputies on October 15, 2019. The incident occurred at his parent's home in Santa Barbara County, California.

Officers were called to the scene subsequent to receiving a report of a family disturbance.

At the point when sheriff's deputies responded to the scene, they discovered that Valerie had been killed. Ron, who was also found in the home, was not harmed.

The suspect, Cameron, was found hiding in his parents' property. He was gunned down after a standoff with officers.

According to the New York Post, deputies who opened fire on Cameron will be put on administrative leave. No deputies were harmed.

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