Tiffany Haddish Talks about Her Mom and How Head Injury Changed Her, Making the Actress' Childhood Difficult

The American actress and comedian, Tiffany Haddish, opened up about her mother's head injury and how the incident changed her. She also opened up about her relationship with her mother. 

Haddish joined the "Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored" earlier this month and talked about her journey after her mother went through a horrible car accident. She also mentioned how she details the incident in her memoir, "The Last Black Unicorn."

She talked about how the crash made it difficult for her to perform even the most mundane tasks. Haddish had to teach her when she was just 8-years-old. She also discussed her newfound Jewish faith and her "Black Mitzvah."

 Tiffany Haddish attends the For Your Consideration Red Carpet Event for TBS' Hipsters and O.G.'s at Steven J. Ross Theatre. | Source: Getty Images

Tiffany Haddish attends the For Your Consideration Red Carpet Event for TBS' Hipsters and O.G.'s at Steven J. Ross Theatre. | Source: Getty Images


In her memoir, she explained how her mother's personality completely changed after the accident. Being as young as she was back then, the now comedian had to raise all of her siblings and take care of her mother. 

Pages of Haddish's memoir paint a vivid picture of how the trauma turned her mother into a verbally and physically abusive person. Someone entirely different from her past self. 

At the end of the memoir, Haddish wrote about how she is working as hard as she can to get her mother out of the mental institution, get her the best care, and diet.


Talking about her struggles, Haddish opened up to the hosts about how she had to put herself in the shoes of her mother. She thought about the tools her mother had to be the best, which was not a lot.

However, after the car crash, she had to rebuild everything from scratch. The comedian also brought some of her spirituality into the conversation when she talked about her mother. 

Haddish explained how she treated her mother the same way that she would like to be treated by her children if it was her instead of her mother. If, by any chance, an accident left her incapable of being the best she could.


The comedian was making some jokes about how her mother could be a handful at times, but the kindness she was receiving changed her. Haddish also explained how she could see the changes in her mother. 

"I've seen it, like, change her. You know, knowing that she could not do all the things that she wanted. The frustration, the guilt she has."

She revealed on Hollywood Unlocked that she recently bought a house for her mother. She cracked a joke after and said that she was completely broke after the purchase.


Before she opened up about her mother's accident, the "Night School" star talked about how she managed to navigate through so many social communities and be liked by everybody in those groups. 

She talked about her belief in treating people the way one would like to be treated. She added to her statement and explained how people need to be true to their word and live up to their promises. 

After one of the hosts, Melyssa, mentioned that she didn't like people who overpromise and under deliver, Haddish let them in on her secret. "I underpromise and over-deliver," she said of the trait that led her to become the likable character that she is. 

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