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Michigan Man Claims to Be D'Wan Sims Who Went Missing 25 Years Ago at Age 4

Olowokandi Fiyin
Dec 22, 2019
12:40 A.M.
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Two and a half decades after 4-year-old D'Wan Sims was reported missing Michigan, a man surfaces and claims he might be the missing child.

Four-year-old D'Wan Sims was first reported missing on December 11, 1994, at the Wonderland Mall located in Livonia, Michigan.


According to DAILYMAIL, Sims was put up to have been missing by his mother Dwanna Harris, whose story was that he suddenly disappeared while they were Christmas shopping.

The little boy was never found with his disappearance remaining a mystery. However, two and a half decades later, a man surfaces and claims he may be D'Wan Sims.


As reported by USA TODAY, Ronald Taig, who is a Livonia Police Captain, gave some details on the story. Taig was reported to have said:

"an individual came in on December 11, which just happened to be the 25th anniversary of D'Wan being missing. He came in and provided a DNA sample."


The captain also revealed that Dewanna Harris, who was Sims' mother, is working with the police on the case. She had contacted the man who claims to be her son and his name was disclosed to be Mike Cash.

According to DAILYMAIL, the attention of law enforcement officials was first drawn to Cash after he released some posts on social media claiming he was Sims.


The publication reported that Cash accused his parents of dishonesty on some of his childhood details.

He also uploaded a childhood photo of himself that had a strong resemblance with that of Sims, thus leaving him to believe he's the same person. At the time of Sims' disappearance back in 1994, no clear explanation could be given.


Although mom, Harris claimed he vanished while they were shopping at the Wonderland Mall, investigators stated otherwise.

This is because surveillance footage of the mall was reported to have captured Harris alone without Sims. This led to suspicion of Sims' family members on the disappearance - of which included Harris.


Although investigations are still ongoing to determine if Cash is the same person as Sims using DNA, there is skepticism around the whole process.

According to FOX NEWS, the story is similar to that of Brian Michael Rini who falsely claimed that he was Timothy Pitzen back in April.

Pitzen is an Illinois boy who vanished in 2006, and when investigations began, it was revealed that Rini's claims were lies.

Interestingly, Rini had just been released from prison in March and had only seen a story on Timothy on 'ABC's 2020'. This, he claimed, was what led to him forging the identity as he wanted to avoid his own family.

Hopefully, Cash's


will be concluded soon and we will know if he is the same boy who vanished 25 years ago.