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December 31, 2019

‘The Brady Bunch’ Reboot Reportedly in Talks but Will Not Include Surviving Cast Members

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After several decades, the classic family sitcom "The Brady Bunch" may finally be joining in with the many reboots getting made. Here's what we know so far. 

As "The Brady Bunch" wraps up their 50th anniversary year, there might be a much-anticipated surprise on the horizon for longtime fans of the beloved sitcom from the 60s. 

Closer Weekly reports that the offspring of "Brady Bunch" creator Sherwood Schwartz, is getting the wheels turning on a new concept of the old show. 

The young cast of "The Brady Bunch" pose with a cake celebrating the show's 100th episode. | Source: Getty Images


New generation of "Brady"

Sherwood's son Lloyd J Schwartz will reportedly be taking the show to the next level. Unfortunately, the living cast of the original set won't be directly involved. 

However, Lloyd has certainly heightened expectations by remaining secretive about many details of the show. During an interview with Closer Weekly, he described the project as "a reboot kind of thing."

New "Brady" projects

He added that they'd also be doing a "Brady Bunch" musical beginning in September of 2020. Lloyd specified that he'd rather it be off-Broadway, and casting will be from New York. 


Sherwood Schwartz being honored with star on Hollywood Walk of Fame | Getty Images

Lloyd says that he does something relating to either "the Brady Bunch" or "Gilligan's Island" every single day, proving its relevancy. In honor of his late dad, he feels compelled to carry the torch. 


The resulting flame of his fire may appear in 2020 with the reboot. In the meantime, fans can still catch reruns of the show since it's remained on-air throughout the years. 

Spin-offs we loved

Spinoffs of the show included "The Brady Kids" cartoon, "The Brady Bunch Hour" variety show, "The Brady Girls Get Married" tv movie, "The Brady Brides," and "A Very Brady Christmas." 

Most recently, living cast members Barry Williams, Maureen McCormick, Christopher Knight, Eve Plumb, Mike Lookinland, and Susan Olsen all came together to do a reality tv special. 


Their last reunion

To fans' delight, "A Very Brady Renovation" saw the old cast reunite to replicate the inside of the original show's set and match it to the house used for outside scenes of the show. 

The special was a crossover between the Food Network and HGTV and saw the cast cooking up holiday treats alongside Ree Drummond. They also created unique holiday decor for the house. 


More Brady specials

A couple of months later, the beloved actors again worked together as they prepared the home for the festive season in a special called, "A Very Brady Renovation: Holiday Edition." 

In promoting the Christmas special, the cast all appeared on "Watch What Happens Live" and answered fan questions. They also entertained fun conversation with the host, Andy Cohen. 


Previous denial

Although the reboot seems sure now, back in September, most of the cast was adamant that there would be none in the future. Speaking on the Rachel Ray Show, they seemed sure of themselves. 

Knight, however, did mention that it would not be a bad idea to reboot the show with a new, younger cast. We wonder if the actor already knew what the plan was. 


As we await the new version of "The Brady Bunch," it might do well to remember some important facts about the old one. For instance, casters made sure that the kids' hair matched the parents' own. 

Interesting facts

Since some kids were put on reserve before the parents were selected, some children were eventually sent off because of the color of their hair, among other reasons.  

In the first place, all the cast had to have hair. So when Florence Henderson's hair was too short due to a prior role, she wore a wig for the first season of "The Brady Bunch." 


The cast in a hotel lobby from the TV series "The Brady Bunch" | Photo: Getty Images

It's also fair to note that "The Brady Brunch" never got huge ratings —which didn't reflect on its popularity, of course. Let's hope the reboot is just as much as a hit, regardless of ratings.