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December 22, 2020

Mike Epps' Daughter Bria and Her Mom Look like Twins in Matching Black Outfits

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Bria Epps, Mike Epps' daughter recently wished her mom happy birthday in an Instagram story of the two women looking like twins

Bria Epps wished her mom happy birthday, in an Instagram story, the photo she used for the story featured the two women looking so similar together that they could have been twins. 

Epps is the daughter of comedian, Mike Epps, and a woman who had previously been in a relationship with him. Not much is known about her mother, except that the mom and daughter are looking more and more like each day. 



The photo was of the two women smiling and looking glamourous, Bria wore her hair in voluminous curls while her mom wore her hair in braids, on one side of her head. 

The photo of the two women posing a selfie was uploaded to Bria's Instagram story, with text celebrating her mom's birthday, she wrote the following in the birthday message, 

"Happy Birthday Mommy! I hope this year is the best yet!!! I love you!"