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Family Adopts 3 Abused Kids, Takes in Their 8 Siblings 18 Years Later to Keep Them Safe

Brittany Chalmers
Feb 25, 2022
11:00 A.M.
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A family gave three children a forever home and never imagined what would happen 18 years later. Their children's half-siblings needed help desperately, and the adoptive parents knew they needed to do something. 


A group of children suffered in an abusive home, but thankfully they were rescued. Soon after, Jennifer Gossard and her husband Greg heard of their story and wanted to help. The couple from Utah decided to adopt the three siblings in need.

They welcomed them into their home and raised them with care and love. However, their story took an unexpected turn in 2014. Their biological mother, Jamie Hicks, continued to have children, and she was purportedly causing them harm.

Jennifer and Greg Gossard with their big family | Source: facebook.com/carissa.gossard



The mother had eight more kids, and fortunately, two of them escaped and alerted the authorities. When Casey Gossard, then a 21-year-old marine, heard the news, he realized they were his half-siblings.

He knew he needed to contact them, so he phoned his adoptive mom. Jennifer and Greg were stunned by the emotional phone call, and despite their plans to retire soon, they knew their lives were about to change.



Jennifer looked up the story and realized her children's half-siblings might be in danger. The report revealed that Hicks was arrested for abusing, starving, and isolating her kids. Jennifer was devastated, as were her three adoptive children.

They looked to her for answers and help. Jennifer said

“Because of our first adopted children, they’re their family. So to us, they’re family. And you take care of family.”



The Gossard parents, who also have four biological kids, knew what they needed to do. In mid-2014, they brought all eight siblings home, where they stayed until their formal adoption was processed. 

In 2016, the family officially welcomed five of the eight kids (the other three had turned 18). Despite this, all eight siblings lived in Utah to stay connected to their younger siblings.



Jennifer and Greg are now called "mom" and "dad" by 15 kids! Only seven of them live in their house, but the entire brood is dedicated to sticking together—after everything they endured, they need to be. 

Jennifer revealed that their home is always busy and loud, but she would not have it any other way. The couple is proud of their children for their resilience and hope for the future. She said:

"They are just so excited today to be, and it sounds sad, but to be free. That’s the truth. They feel so happy to be free. To be able to be connected to us, but free from the past." 



Adoption is a beautiful moment in a child's life, but sometimes it separates brothers and sisters. Thankfully, some parents can bring home a group of siblings like Angela and Elliott Turbeville. The couple officially adopted six siblings last year.

They revealed the news to their then-foster kids just in time for Christmas, and it was an emotional day for all. Angela shared that the children's mom had also been in the foster care system, and she hoped to break that cycle.

The Tuberville family is delighted by the adoption, much like the Gossard couple, who adore their big brood. Thanks to these parents, the children are getting the love they deserve. 


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