Man Leaves His Baby's Mom, Saying He'll Be Better as a Single Dad

Ayesha Muhammad
Apr 03, 2022
10:00 P.M.
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After much thought, a man took the painstaking decision of leaving his baby's mother. He hoped that he'd be a better father by leaving, but was he prepared to embrace the challenges of being a single parent? 


The most difficult decisions we make in life might also be critical and life-changing. They end up influencing our present and also help shape our future. Parents are mainly known for ensuring their children enjoy a happy and prosperous life. 

But sometimes, parents might feel compelled to go through with something they never thought they'd do, and Damon D'Arienzo from Massachusetts did something similar to be an effective parent to his baby. 

[Left] Damon D'Arienzo pictured holding his baby girl; [Right] An adorable shot of his daughter sleeping on her toys. | Source:



D'Arienzo could never forget the moment his girlfriend told him she was pregnant. They had been together for nine months, and she broke the big news over the phone. His heart sank because the revelation was too much to bear. 

He had always wanted kids, but not while sailing through a troubled relationship or before ensuring he was mature enough to handle being a father. The man knew he wasn't emotionally stable enough to take responsibility, and the moment was nothing like he had dreamed. 

D'Arienzo and everyone close to him knew he was in a vulnerable relationship. However, he had to handle things like a grownup, so he drove to his family's house with his girlfriend a week later. 



The Massachusetts resident panicked and eventually mustered up the courage to share the news, cutting off someone else mid-sentence when they referenced a baby in their story. His family was astounded, but they continued to congratulate him. 

One mom shared her experience of letting her 11-year-old son, Winston, go live with his dad after he insisted he wanted more time with his father.

However, his mom was overcome with emotions, and with tears in her eyes, she said, "Do you know how hard it is to raise a child in a situation where the mother and father are in love and committed to one another?" 



D'Arienzo could see how deeply his mother felt for his child, who would come into a world devoid of stability and love. Over time, his shock and concern turned into support and delight, and he tried to shift his energy to embrace the life change. 

Finally came the fateful day when his girlfriend invited him to a restaurant, slid a card across the table, and told him he was having a baby girl. D'Arienzo was thrilled because he had always wanted to have a daughter based on the many stories his father told him. 

When his girlfriend delivered the girl, he was with her and experienced the exclusive feeling of becoming a father first-hand. The moment he set eyes on his daughter, his heart brimmed with unconditional love and joy. 



But then reality set in when he and his girlfriend were left alone with their baby in the hospital room. It was then that D'Arienzo realized he couldn't afford to mess up as a father. The first year of fatherhood was tough, and D'Arienzo said he operated mainly in survival mode. 

But as he continued to acclimate to his new life, he eventually realized that his relationship was beyond repair, and leaving would help him become a better dad for his daughter. D'Arienzo recalled: 

"I needed to be happy to parent effectively. In making this decision to separate, I knew I would likely endure even harder times. I expected a significant level of resentment which I knew would show its face as we negotiated terms of the parenting agreement."



It took immense strength and resolve for D'Arienzo to stick by his decision because he didn't want his unhealthy relationship to hamper his ability to be a good parent. Things became cumbersome following his split, starting with the custody and visitation issues. 

D'Arienzo shared that physical custody automatically went to the mother if a child was born out of marriage in Massachusetts. Despite being a devoted and loving father, he had to prove his capabilities and fight for visitation time. 

The lengthy legal process led to increased emotional and financial stress, but D'Arienzo said he was determined to build a solid co-parenting relationship for his daughter. Whenever he felt exhausted and frustrated, he leaned on his loved ones for support. 



The doting dad expressed that his love for his daughter kept him going through the hard times. Along the way, D'Arienzo said he became a victim of parental alienation and sometimes felt like a secondary parent. He further added:

"'Lead with love’ my friend has instilled in me, ‘that wins out every time.’ I’m done second guessing myself and worrying about things out of my control. Instead, I can use this energy to be a better father for my daughter (sic)."

But through it all, D'Arienzo also learned to embrace his situation and built a profound connection with his daughter as a single parent. He extracted joy from the little things he did with his princess and realized the importance of staying active and present. 



D'Arienzo shared that he learned several lessons from his experience. Single parenthood taught him to cherish his time with his daughter and be the best possible version of himself. He said he made sacrifices to be a good parent, but they were all worth it. 

Undoubtedly, D'Arienzo's experience speaks volumes and might help break stereotypes impeding the progress of many single fathers. It also sheds light on an otherwise pertinent issue — not all fathers might be bad role models for their kids. 

One mom shared her experience of letting her 11-year-old son, Winston, go live with his dad after he insisted he wanted more time with his father. It was a heartwrenching decision, but she said she didn't want to bear the unlikely consequences of saying no to her son.



The mother suggested all parents keep the children away from their disagreements and foster a healthy relationship between kids and their fathers. She also urged couples not to keep their kids from contacting a parent out of resentment. She mentioned: 

"Winston's father has always been there. I will miss my son when he leaves to go live with his father, and I am sure there will be many tear-filled nights for me. But I would be less than a mother if I stand in his way." 

D'Arienzo's story and this mom's soul-stirring experience show that children deserve to give love to both parents and receive it. If these stories touched your heart, please spread some love and share them with your family and friends.