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Mom Sees Stranger in Daughter's Room on Baby Monitor, Suspects Someone Lives in Her Attic

Stephen Thompson
May 15, 2022
07:00 A.M.
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The bond between a mother and child has been proven to be unique. Most times, this bond can be relayed through maternal instinct. This story explains how a mom's intuition led her to discover a shocking revelation in her home.


When a mother finds out she is pregnant, she begins to dream. Thoughts like who the growing embryo might be, what they may be like, and how they will change the family dynamics begin to flood her mind.

Eventually, when the child is born, maternal instincts kick in, and all the mother desires is to protect her child from danger. Most of the time, these instincts turn out to be correct and help the mother and her child bond or save the woman from the tragedy of seeing her child harmed.

The latter was the case of a mother named Laura, who had a bad feeling that her baby daughter was in danger. Then, she checked the baby monitor to ensure her child's safety, only to discover a shocking sight. Here are the details of the intriguing story.


On October 9, 2021, Laura, a Kentucky mom, was in the house with no one else apart from her fiancé, their dog, and baby daughter. The family had settled down in the living room; Laura decided to put her daughter to sleep in her bedroom upstairs.


"I put her in her crib and came back downstairs. Me and my fiancé and my dog are downstairs, and we have an iPad that we have connected to the monitor, so we're watching her on the iPad," the mom explained.


At first, Laura said she did not see anything abnormal on the monitor, but her maternal instincts came into play a few minutes later. According to the woman:

"And I never seen anything weird while sitting there; I just got a bad feeling and decided to just literally run upstairs and grab her."

When Laura came downstairs with the baby, her fiancé was puzzled. He asked her why she was bringing the child downstairs, and just like she had previously explained, Laura said she had a bad feeling.



At that point, the couple decided to check the footage, and that was when they saw something that left them terrified. "After I had put her down to sleep and left the room, maybe five minutes later, there were legs that were walking out of her room," Laura revealed.

"Her window is locked; there's no other entrance to that room. You never see nothing going in; it was just legs going out. My fiancé literally started shaking and crying," she continued.

Picture from the footage of Laura's baby's crib | Source: tiktok.com/honicanlaura


The mom said at that point; it did not occur to her that they might have been living with an intruder until she read a comment asking her to check the attic.

"We had my fiance's family member who works in law enforcement come back out to check," Laura confessed.

"So he goes up there and doesn't see anything really out of the ordinary, no signs of a squatter really, but he did find an unopened can of food. That's a little concerning for me," she added. Laura said she and her fiancé began looking for a new house to live in after the discovery.

Picture from the footage of Laura's baby's crib | Source: tiktok.com/honicanlaura



Since Laura shared the story on TikTok, it has garnered over 8.7 million views with several comments, mostly about how terrifying the video was. One of the commenters wrote:

"That just gave me the worst feeling in my whole body."

"That's no ghost. That's a literal man. You're not alone, right?! Call the police," another fan noted. A third user relayed, "Not to freak you out, but we had a stalker living in my attic as a kid. So get that checked out."

Picture from the footage of Laura's baby's crib | Source: tiktok.com/honicanlaura



Amber Dawn was only 20 years old when she moved to Enumclaw, Washington, in 1995, where she got a room on the top floor of an apartment.

On her first night, she heard strange footsteps above her. Then, as time progressed, Dawn noticed that some items in her home started going missing.

The young lady would buy cans of soda, packets of soup, and noodles, but whenever she returned, she would notice some of the items were missing. As time progressed, strange things kept happening, and an incident with Dawn's dog made her almost think there was an intruder in her home.



According to Dawn, once, when she was out, her apartment flooded, and she kept her tiny dog in the bathroom. Surprisingly, when Dawn returned, she saw the little creature in the sink.

It was a shocking sight for the young woman, as she was sure there was no way the dog could have gotten up there. However, Dawn brushed off the thought of a possible intruder, as her landlady had assured her no one was living in the attic.

Dawn called in sick one day and stayed at home until 11 p.m. Then, she turned off the lights and proceeded to the bathtub for a bath. While laying in the water, Dawn said she noticed the attic hatch was open.


In that instant, it occurred to her that someone was in her apartment. So, Dawn padded to the bedroom, wore a robe, grabbed a hammer, and called her sister-in-law, who advised Dawn to wait outside for her.

Immediately after she arrived, they went back to the sister-in-law's apartment and called the police. Unfortunately, the cops did not find anyone in the attic, but they discovered a sleeping bag, some food, and a book.

The following day, Dawn told her landlady she was leaving and handed her a copy of the police report that read "signs of a possible intruder."

Dawn made it known that those thoughts haunted her for years. However, she felt nothing but sympathy for the intruder. According to her, he kept to himself and was the best roommate she ever had.