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Couple Turns off 3-Month-Old Only Daughter's Life Support, Is Blessed with Twins despite Being Infertile

Ayesha Muhammad
Aug 14, 2022
07:40 P.M.
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With broken hearts and an outpour of love and affection, a couple had no choice but to lie down with their baby girl in her last moments. They thought their period of pain would never end. Little did they know that life had something incredibly heartwarming in store for them.


Pain and grief can change people in ways they never thought possible. Nothing lasts forever; even the darkest storms we feel we might never overcome tend to pass. But as Haruki Murakami puts it, "When you come out of the storm, you won't be the same person who walked in."

Every chapter in the story of our life is meant to teach us something, and it's solely up to us what we extract from it. The story we're sharing today is about a couple's heart-shattering ordeal and the silver lining they were able to find after an incredibly exhausting and challenging time.



Samantha and Joshua Seedorf lived in Waterville, Ohio. They were parents to an adorable baby boy, Jude. The couple felt a strong urge to expand their family when the world became familiar with COVID-19 and lockdown was declared.

While the Seedorfs were shattered from within, they knew they had to be strong for their boy.

In early 2020, Samantha and her husband's heartfelt prayers were heard, and they shared their pregnancy news with the then-three-year-old Jude. The couple's happiness knew no bounds when they discovered they were having a baby girl.



Samantha recalled that Jude giggled and jumped with joy when he learned he would be an older brother to a little princess. On November 27, 2020, the couple welcomed Marren Rose Seedorf into their hearts and home.

The doting mom said she was highly watchful and protective of her daughter because she felt Marren was vulnerable and needed extra care. At the time, Samantha blamed the instinct on postpartum anxiety and tried her best to keep the little one entertained indoors.

Eventually, the winters passed, spring came, and the Seedorfs had to return to work. Samantha noted that she and Joshua enjoyed the working parent life, despite its many challenges. While she worked from home, the doting mom said she left Marren with the babysitter and dropped Jude at the daycare.



In March 2021, Joshua was said to have left on a three-month assignment for the Air National Guard, leaving Samantha to look after the children alone. He visited on the weekends, and gradually, Samantha said she adjusted to the set-up.

On a Thursday morning, the mother was driving her kids to the sitter and daycare when she noticed Marren smiling. Her little girl was dressed in pink polka dot pajamas and babbled adorably, to which Jude said, "Hey! She finally said my name."

Samantha couldn't help doting on her kids and thanked God for blessing her abundantly. After finishing work, she took a nap and went to the gym. Then, she messaged Marren's babysitter and told her she was coming to pick up her daughter.



But Samantha said she didn't get a response, which was a little unusual. Still, she figured the sitter might be occupied with children and told herself there was nothing to worry about.

Her drive was interrupted by a road closure sign, and when she finally went around to reach her destination, Marren's sitter called her. Samantha recounted hearing panicked screams from the other end, after which the babysitter shouted:

"The baby isn't breathing!"



Despite the soul-crushing news, Samantha tried to stay calm and told the sitter she wasn't angry at her. The woman also noted that Marren's babysitter was exceptionally loving and caring. Later, Samantha learned that the sitter also gave her daughter CPR, for which she was immensely grateful.

The next few minutes were a complete blur as the distraught mother drove to the hospital. When she reached, her heart sank as she read the words, 'CARDIAC ARREST' on the ER screen.

Samantha couldn't bear the painful sight of seeing her rosy-cheeked girl lying pale and was comforted by her sister until Joshua arrived. As she held her daughter's hand and prayed for her daughter to wake up, she heard the nurses shouting that they had found her pulse.



After some time, Joshua arrived, and Marren was said to be taken to another hospital, where she was transferred to a PICU. The Seedorfs spent the next 12 hours hoping and praying for a miracle. The doctors repeatedly told them their girl was unwell and didn't look good.

Eventually, a doctor took them into a separate room and told them it was time to say goodbye to their baby girl. Samantha stated that she and her husband could either turn off Marren's life support or keep trying for things that would likely not work. The heartbroken mother recollected:

"We decided to lay with our sweet baby as she made her way out of our world and into heaven. I watched the tiniest grin come over Marren's face. That was the moment I knew she saw something beautiful, and she was at peace."



On March 25, 2021, little Marren left to fly with the angels in heaven. While the Seedorfs were shattered from within, they knew they had to be strong for their boy. Samantha and Joshua grieved in their own way but continued supporting each other in their difficult time.

The grief-stricken mother said she saved 2,500 ounces of breastmilk and five babies received it, all thanks to her little princess in the heavens. Over time, the couple decided to try again to get pregnant. Despite knowing they couldn't replace Marren, they felt desperate to look after more kids.

But the Seedorfs' world was turned upside down when they learned they had infertility and couldn't have children without IVF. They started with genetic testing because they wished to have another daughter.



But after undergoing some procedures, the Seedorfs were told they had only a few usable embryos with the probability of all boys. Samantha said she longed to have a little princess running around her house and heal her broken heart, particularly after losing Marren.

So, she finally got the report and found a mosaic embryo of a girl with an increased risk of miscarriage and a 40% success rate. After some thought, the Seedorfs decided to use the mosaic embryo and a boy embryo.

Samantha's first at-home pregnancy test gave a faint line, so she decided to take another one a few days later. The second test showed two darker lines, so a week later, the woman had a blood test, which confirmed her pregnancy.



A few weeks later, the Seedorfs had an ultrasound and prayed for things to go well. Much to their astonishment, the sonographer informed them they were pregnant with two babies. Samantha shared:

"It was a beautiful sight, our rainbow twins saying hello to us for the first time."

In June 2022, Samantha and Joshua welcomed their baby girl, Sunny Grace (the sunshine after the storm), weighing four pounds, ten ounces. Then came Barron Henry (whose first name rhymed with Marren's), nine minutes later, at six pounds, one ounce.



The doting parents credited their sweet Marren for watching over them and her little siblings from the heavens. The Seedorfs experienced bouts of anxiety and grief, where they couldn't help but miss their baby girl, who was said to have died from SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome).

There were moments when the couple looked at their rainbow twins and wondered how much Marren would have loved to be around them. But the Seedorfs said they knew their lovely little girl would be with them wherever they went.



To anyone going through a difficult phase and struggling with navigating grief and pain as a parent, Samantha shared a piece of advice:

"There are many times we wanted to give up and sulk in our sadness. Don't give up on yourself even during the darkest of times. It is so worth it to keep going."

Our sincerest thoughts and heartfelt prayers go out to the Seedorfs, and we're sure little Marren is looking down on her parents and younger siblings from the heavens.

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