Study shows people with an RH negative blood type have DNA that is not from Earth

This story has an interesting take on the origins of the RH negative gene.

As claimed in an article published by The Earth Tribe, people having a blood group RH negative have an unknown ancestry in the chain of human evolution.

Usually, in the study of genetics, it is considered that we only inherit things from our ancestors. All the innumerable combinations of characteristics and traits from our ancestors transpires into defining our own existence.

As man evolved from apes, the blood evolved in the same way. However, RH positive blood can be traced down to the Rhesus monkey but the RH negative type of blood cannot.

The other possibility of its existence could be due to mutation through evolution.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

When one of the parents has an RH negative blood type while the other has RH positive, the child can take the RH positive factor. If an RH negative mother carries an RH positive offspring, there are many medical complications involved.

Groups of people having a similar blood type can be found from the blood group data. Data suggests that the Basque people from France and Spain have the most number of individuals with RH negative blood type.

Over 30% of the Basque people carry RH negative blood. and at least two-thirds of them carry the negative gene. On an average, 15% of all people carry the negative RH gene. RH negative blood is very uncommon among African people. 

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

Origins of the Basque people are not clearly known. This has forced many people to come up with creative theories and conspiracies that have an interesting take on the origins of the RH blood type.

Some believe that the Basques were the ones who wrote the Genesis and were one of the ancient extraterrestrial races. Some believe that they were the surviving race of Atlantis.

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