Celebrities whose hygiene habits are truly disgusting

Apr 07, 2018
02:07 A.M.
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These facts might break the perfect image one has of these celebrities.


According to an article published by Shared, some of the biggest and most celebrated personalities in the entertainment business have admitted to certain unusual habits.

These habits make the hygiene and lifestyle of the stars highly questionable and shatter any image of perfection that fans might have about them.

Here are 12 celebrities who have the weirdest and unhygienic habits:

#12: Adele – Nose-picking:

In one of her interviews, the Rolling in the Depp singer confessed that she often picked her nose. Her confession got weirder when she narrated how she once sucked her toddler’s nostrils to ease his feeling of congestion.


#11: Snooki – Exfoliating with kitty litter

The Jersey Shore star revealed that she used an unusual product to clean and exfoliate her skin. The product was unscented kitty litter, and Snooki also explained that it often contained cat faeces.


#10: Matthew McConaughey – Ignoring Body Odor

He might be an award-winning actor, but the Dallas Buyers’ Club star has a severe body odor problem. This was revealed one of his co-stars Kate Hudson.

Furthermore, he refused to use deodorant despite Hudson having bought him one, leaving his colleagues to bear the smell.


#9: Julia Roberts – Less showering, no deodorant

The Pretty Woman actress says no to using deodorants because of the ill-effects of it on the environment and the human body. This, combined with her habit of skipping showers to save water, calls the hygiene factor into question.

#8:  Jennifer Aniston – Unwashed hair

Aniston’s golden tresses are an indispensable part of her look – but what is the secret behind the silky smoothness? She confessed that she avoids washing her hair often, and that she would leave her hair unwashed even after a sweaty workout session.


#7: Jessica Simpson – Avoids brushing teeth

The singing superstar revealed in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres that brushing teeth was not a daily ritual in her life. She cleaned her teeth only twice or thrice a week, since they were already shiny white.

#6: Cameron Diaz – No antiperspirants

Diaz is yet another celebrity who blatantly refuses to use deodorants or antiperspirants. She has never used one of those since 20 years and considers it an unhealthy product which locks the stink in instead of alleviating it.


#5: Megan Fox – Doesn’t flush

Fox has openly admitted that she is extremely disorganized at home, with clothes all over the place and no cleaning routine. She also confessed that she tends to forget to flush the toilet.

#4: Zac Efron – Avoids showers

The Hollywood hunk does not like to shower regularly, and even avoids one despite sweating profusely after a game of basketball or training at the gym.


#3: Britney Spears – Smells of tobacco

The husky-voiced singer reportedly smokes too many cigars on a daily basis. Her former bodyguard revealed that every time she uttered a word, the air around her would smell of tobacco.

#2: Miley Cyrus – Kept her home messy

Liam Hemsworth may have rescued her from leading an extremely unhygienic life by living with Miley Cyrus. The pop diva was reportedly living in an incredibly messy house, with dog litter and stale food strewn around, along with old pizza boxes and huge piles of dirty dishes.

#1: Brad Pitt – Baby wipe baths

Pitt admitted that he was caught up in bringing up six toddlers, and it left him with virtually no time to shower. His solution to the problem was to rub baby wipes all over himself to substitute bathing.