Rebbie Jackson has 2 daughters with model good looks. The oldest one looks like famous aunt Janet

Apr 07, 2018
05:06 A.M.
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- AmoMama learned recently from Instagram that Rebbie Jackson's oldest daughter looked stunning in a recent photo, and she looked almost the same as her aunt Janet.


- A picture was shared of her two daughters who looked gorgeous and Yashi Brown was compelled to appreciate her sister's beauty and how grateful she was for the birthday wishes she received and the love showed by her sister.

- Rebbie Jackson was reportedly working in a recording studio for her new album for 2018, but it seems like this rumor was a false alarm.



Born on May 29, 1950, Rebbie is known as a proud and successful American singer. She grew up with her parents in Gary, Indiana and she is the eldest child of the family.

She comes from a family of musicians and this superstar was not afraid to walk that path.

The Jackson family are very famous for their energy and career choices which is music.


Some examples are the late Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson who have made so much from their music careers.

Ribbie got married to Nathaniel Brown in 1968 but soon the couple split up in 2013.

They have three beautiful children including Austin Brown.

Yashi Brown, one of her beautiful daughters, recently took to her Instagram account and shared a beautiful picture of herself and her sister who looked very gorgeous.


It was more than a beautiful sight to behold the two angels as they posed closed to each other to share a selfie.

They both had white shirts on, and though the picture looked very old, these stunning ladies wowed the social media network.

Yashi was grateful to everyone especially her sister who had taken time out and made her day in her birthday, hence she shared the picture on her Instagram page.

She called her sister a doll face, as her smile really looked like that of a doll.


The picture had hit so many likes and a lot of comments from well-wishers and family.

Yashi's sister Stacee is said to look like her aunt Janet Jackson who is also a soul musician.

Rebbie Jackson had earlier on been rumored to be recording in a studio for her 2018 album but all that seemed very true.

A source recently revealed that about 8 songs had been done and dusted and waiting for release.

Everyone is expectant of the new album and cannot wait to hear it.

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Source: Instagram