Murdered millionaire, 33, laid to rest in gold casket, $100,000 jewellery and expensive champagne

Apr 08, 2018
12:03 P.M.
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- Tragedy struck the family of a 33-year-old multi-millionaire when he was shot dead in front of his parents-in-law’s home in Trinidad and Tobago last week.


- Police are investigating a possible family connection to his death and investigations are ongoing.

- The deceased, Sheron Sukhdeo, was given a lavish farewell during his funeral, adorned with gold jewelry and Timberland boots.


AmoMama learned from ‘Metro’ that 33-year-old multi-millionaire and used car dealer, Sheron Sukhdeo, was gunned down in a drive-by shooting that took place outside his wife’s parents’ home.

An attempt on his life was made approximately two years ago, and according to the ‘Trinidad and Tobago Guardian’ members of the Rasta City gang have been planning his death for years.

Sukhdeo allegedly enjoyed the protection of a rival gang while still alive, but despite this, he was eventually killed.

Police are reportedly investigating a possible family connection to his death and their investigations are still ongoing.


Sukhdeo’s funeral was a testament to his wealth and the fact that he loved to show off all his material possessions.

His body was adorned with his £100,000 worth of jewelry, a pair of Timberland boots, and apparently he was also doused in Moet champagne.

What made his funeral even more lavish was the fact that his casket was decorated with gold pendants and his body transported to the crematorium in a $150,000 Bentley.

According to reports his jewelry was removed before being cremated.


Sukhdeo’s wife, Rachel, was hospitalized two days after his death due to a medical complication.

Their two children were, at the time of the report, in the care of her parents.


It’s tragic that a young father and husband was so abruptly taken from his family, and even worse that he was murdered in such a cruel way.

Judging from the extravagance of his funeral, he was obviously a person who enjoyed life and still had a lot to live for.

What are your thoughts on Sukhdeo’s final farewell?

Source: Metro