Rick Fox's son is all grown up now. He's got incredibly green eyes and is a carbon copy of his dad

Apr 10, 2018
04:25 A.M.
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- AmoMama gathered from Instagram that actor Rick Fox has a grown-up son


-The 24-year-old who has an uncanny resemblance to his dad has a rare kind of eye color

- Rick Fox had his son Kyle Fox with his then-girlfriend Kari Hillman while he was still a basketball player.


Rick Fox is a Canadian-Bahamian actor who also doubles up as a businessman.

What a lot of his fans do not know is that he was a professional basketball player before he retired and became an actor.

He had a very successful basketball career and even played twice for his country Canada at the FIBA World Championship in 1990 and 1994.

He has flair for business and is the owner of esports franchise.


Rick Fox is also a dad and has a 23-year-old son who shares a strong resemblance to his dad.

The hunk also has green eyeballs which are kind of rare.

His dad shared a throwback photo of him and Kyle when he was still a kid and it was really nice to see that the smile alike and have same dentition.

He had Kyle Rox in 1994 with Kari Hillman whom he dated while he was a professional basketball player and was playing for the Boston Celtic.


He was once married to actress and singer Vanessa Williams from 1999 to 2004.

They started their marital journey by eloping in the summer of 1999 in the Caribbean.

Rick and Vanessa had a ceremony in New York City in September 1999 and had their daughter in May 2000.

Their marriage crashed in August 2004 with Rick filing for divorce.

Surprisingly, they worked onscreen together several years after their divorce on the television show ‘Ugly Betty’.


Rick moved on with his life and still dated actress Eliza Dushku from 2009 to 2014.

The caption of the throwback photo Rick shared shows how much he is proud of his son Kyle and how much of a doting father he is.

Rick is a clear example that one can be very busy and still be a doting dad to his offspring.

Less we forget, Kyle has one of the most beautiful eyes we’ve ever seen!

What do you think of Kyle’s eyes?

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Source: Instagram