Wendy Williams' family reportedly begs her to cancel her show following health related concerns

Apr 11, 2018
09:10 P.M.
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The talk show host may be too adamant for her own good.


As reported in an article published by Entertainment Daily, Wendy William's return to her talk show 3 weeks after a health scare may be too soon, according to her family.

An insider suggested that William's family insisted her to stay away from her work and deal with her health issues after being diagnosed with Graves disease, a disorder in the immune system that drastically affects the thyroid. 

The source added that Williams was in no mood to listen to anyone and decided herself that she needed to get back to work.

Radar Online wrote that Williams' family begged her to take a longer break from her demanding job until she was completely recovered.


Wendy resumed her work on March 19 when she was not in her beast condition healthwise. She has not been following a healthy diet and often falls asleep at her work, the anonymous source tipped.

The tipper added that her mood swings have been causing an issue at work as she is not a hundred percent fit. On the whole, Williams is not pleasant to be around.


Williams had revealed in March that she was putting her work before her own health. She revealed to People that the felt a hundred percent better after she readjusted her priorities and took better care of herself.

"I love doing the show, but I love me more. So I’m going to take care of me, so I can be there for them."

Wendy Williams, People, March 18, 2018 


Williams recalled her medical situation and described it to be like a storm going on in her body. She confessed that she had been neglecting her six-month endocrine appointment.

She was diagnosed with Grave's disease and hyperthyroid almost nineteen months ago.

She mentioned that although she did not know how to balance her work and health, she is aware of the important things in her life now.