Insider on rumors that Josiah Duggar is gay after reports emerged that he almost killed a person

Apr 13, 2018
10:14 P.M.
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An anonymous source claimed that he doesn’t think the seventh Duggar child is gay.


For so long, there have been speculations all over social media about Josiah Duggar’s sexuality. Somehow, many of the fans seem to think that he is gay and is just hiding in the closet.

Recently, as shared by Inquisitr, a source debunked the speculation but shared details about the time when Josiah almost killed an innocent man.

Even though Josiah already announced his engagement to Lauren Swanson, the speculations about him being gay still continued to make headlines on multiple media outlets.

The reports claimed that Josiah is using Swanson to cover up his secret.


It is no secret that the Duggar family looks down on people who claim they have a different sexuality. They consider being gay or lesbian as a sin.

Despite the speculations, a former employee of the Duggars recently spoke up and shared that Josiah is not gay.

Although, the source admitted that Josiah is one of the more rebellious Duggar children.

Following his engagement with Swanson, he has recently been shoved into the spotlight more often than before.

Hollywood Gossip previously suggested that Josiah is a little “crazy.”


The Duggar children are known to seemingly been set free once they tie the knot with someone. They are often seen doing things that they weren’t allowed to do back when they were still living under their parent’s roof.

Josiah will be the third Duggar son and the seventh Duggar to settle down and get married.


The same source talked about Josiah’s tendencies on getting too wild and crazy to Inquisitr.

According to the informant, he once almost killed someone during a motor vehicle accident.

Supposedly, he rolled a car at almost 90 miles per hour into the one directly behind him. At the time, he just purchased the vehicle.

The source went on to say that Duggar will most likely become wild and crazy once he ties the knot with his fiancée.