Little girl has panic attack on plane. Suddenly a flight attendant handed her a 'special drink'

Apr 16, 2018
01:16 P.M.
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The flight attendant's actions shocked the mother who took to social media to tell about what he did.


As reported in an article published by Share Tap, when a passenger, Erika Jeorgean Swart, could not control her daughter Gabby's unanticipated fear of flight, a flight attended, Garrick, intervened to help the girl with a magic drink.

Swart was initially shaken by Gabby's sudden panic as she had traveled via air before as a baby. However, Gabby's panic attack did not help her Type-1 diabetes as the anxiety created an imbalance in her sugar levels.

Swart was flying with her three children but her husband was not on the flight and it was difficult for her to manage her children all on her own. That's when Garrick stepped in and handed Gabby a special dink to calm down.


On noticing Garrick's actions, Swart took quite a few pictures of him and posted a lengthy note on SouthWest Airline's social media account. She started by telling the details about Garrick.


She mentioned that the note was about Garrick who worked as an employee for the airlines' flight 1264 that flew from Orlando to Newark.

However, the letter was full of praise unlike what someone would consider a case of an employee crossing his line to give a suspicious drink to a young passenger.

Swart mentioned how considerate Garrick was by constantly talking to Gabby to distract her from her newfound fear of flight. Garrick also brought Gabby a glass of orange juice and called it a special drink to trick her mind.

The juice also helped Gabby to keep her sugar levels in check. Garrick made Gabby laugh throughout the flight and encouraged her with kind words to be brave and calm. He paid special attention just so that Gabby could normalize.


During a short span of turbulence, Gabby held Garrick's hand. Garrick sat in an empty seat next to Gabby and promised her that he was not thinking of leaving her side for one bit.


Gabby's confidence grew with this gesture and the distraction proved to be helpful for her condition. Gabby spoke to Garrick about her school and her love for animals for over 30 minutes.

Once the plane landed, Gabby was back to normalcy and was her calm self again. As Garrick started to leave, all the passengers on the flight applauded Garrick's kindness and presence of mind in a potentially chaotic situation.