Ellen surprises a grieving mom with note about how her late 3-year-old son is helping strangers

Apr 18, 2018
10:36 P.M.
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The TV host had a beautiful surprise for the grieving mother, who has been running her blog even after losing her child.


DeGeneres is always so generous with her guests, and this case was no exception. According to Shared, the host prepared a holiday surprise for this South Pasadena mother.

The host called Jacqui Saldana, who lost her 3-year-old son last year's spring, an inspiration after bringing her on to theTV show to give her a surprise.

The same outlet explained that the Saldanas were audience members during the show's annual Twelve Days of Giveaways event.

Although they were gifted several items that day, the host invited the Saldanas back for the final three episodes to receive extra giveaways.


While the couple was enjoying the show laughing and dancing through it, DeGeneres called Jacqui on stage, claiming that she was a special guest that day.

"There is someone in our audience who we invited to our show, because she's going through a very tough time, and I want to meet her," she said.

According to Pasadena Star News, the host and Saldana couldn’t hold back their tears as the grieving mother stepped on stage.


DeGeneres admitted she had read her posts about Ryan, claiming she received letters from around the country about Saldana’s blog.

Although the blog started as a way to document the early years of her son, after he was killed, she continued it, writing about the struggles of her loss.

The host said that Saldana was helping many people with her blog, encouraging her to continue writing it, also claiming that she would send her love all the time.

During the 12 Days of Giveaways, audience members received gifts like gift cards to Neiman Marcus, Toys R Us, Calvin Klein, Radio Shack, and other gadgets and prizes.