4-year-old boy sets aside all fear to save his dying baby twin brothers

Apr 23, 2018
08:29 P.M.
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When newly born twins were diagnosed with a rare condition, their 4-year-old brother steps up and shows surprising courage.


Robin Pownall and her fiancé gave birth to twins Giovanni and Santino prematurely at 33 weeks. According to Uplifting Today, as the couple already had two children, 4-year-old Michael and 9-year-old Dominick, they were not ready for the twins.

To make the matters worse, the twins - after spending five weeks in the ICU - were diagnosed with Chronic Granulomatous Disease (CGD), which is a rare immune disorder that makes it difficult to fight off certain infections.

After hospitalizing Santino for a wound infection, the family was spending a lot of their time in Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. There they were told that the only way for the twins to live a healthy life was through a bone marrow transplant.


The parents were experienced in this matter as their other son, Dominick, had had the same condition in the past and recovered after a stem cell transplant.

Doctors told the parents that their son, Michael, was the perfect sibling match for the bone marrow transplant.


Pownall then had a talk with his son and explained to him that if he decided to help his brothers, he would get 'hurt' in the procedure as it involved 'a big needle,' but he would be saving his brothers' life.


Michael did not think about it twice as he wanted to help his brothers in any possible way. He asked his parents if the procedure was going to save his brothers. When they replied affirmatively, he was happy to do it.

"He was scared initially as anyone would be, but his courage is far more than one of a 4-year-old," the source quoted the proud father as stating.

The twins are scheduled for a transplant later in the week and are already undergoing chemotherapy. Michael's strength in the time of need has been inspirational for the entire family.