Two pit bulls walk into a hospital. The staff couldn't seem to determine what was happening

Apr 26, 2018
11:31 P.M.
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Unsuspecting patients and medical professionals were caught off-guard by the sudden entrance of two dogs into the hospital premise.


Two Pit Bulls wandered away from their master and casually strolled into the lobby of St. Luke's Anderson Campus hospital, startling everyone.

According to We Love Animals, the pair of Pit Bulls looked friendly and observant, but it didn't stop people from giving them strange looks. The dogs had clearly caught them off guard.

The surveillance footage revealed the two dogs entering into the lobby and startling a man before they casually walk toward the pharmacy. A pharmacist eventually noticed the two wandering dogs, but he was too confused to do anything about it.

Later, the hospital posted the surveillance on the internet and turned the situation to their advantage.


The hospital authorities boasted about the 'patient friendly' and 'patient accessible' feature of the hospital and wrote how two unexpected visitors had enjoyed the accessibility of their hospital premise.

'Imagine our Pharmacists surprise when she noticed who was waiting to be helped!' the authorities further joked in the post. They also informed that they had successfully and safely escorted the dogs outside and had been handed over to the authorized person.

After the security guards provided some water to the dogs and leashed them, they took them under their care until the police arrived.

It was later discovered that the owner of the dogs was Kathy Tamasi, who had been worried because of her two escaping dogs.

“Thank you saint Lukes staff for caring for my 2 escapees! I’m glad they had enough sense to hang out there!” the source quoted Tamasi as stating to the hospital that had discovered and took in her dogs.