Video shows the moment father and son rescue a trapped fawn

The man and his father rescued a fawn that got trapped in a hole. The mother of the fawn looked very worried.

A couple of videos posted by Brian Forsburg on YouTube showed him and his father attempting to rescue a fawn they found.

The poor animal was trapped in a groundhog hole.

They discovered the little creature on Mother’s Day, May 13, 2018.

At first, they thought it was a goat but upon further inspection, they saw that it was actually a fawn.

Forsburg said that it was obvious that the fawn had been stuck inside the hole for days.

He said they had noticed that its mother had been lurking around the same spot for two days.

It was impossible to get the fawn out just by pulling it from the hole. Forsburg explained that they had to dig it out and that’s what they did.

The first video showed Forsburg’s father digging with a shovel for a couple of minutes. By the end of the video, they successfully rescued the little animal.

The second video showed the father explaining the situation. Afterward, they went on to give the fawn back to its worried mother.

On the description, Forsburg wrote, ‘What an adventure! We returned her to momma and all is well. Happy Mother’s Day!’

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