Husband surprises wife with an anniversary trip to Europe

May 22, 2018
07:05 A.M.
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This woman was getting ready for work one morning when her husband approached her with a rolling video camera and some incredible news. 


Derrick and his wife were celebrating their 5-year anniversary, but unbeknownst to her, he had arranged a wonderful surprise to celebrate the milestone together.

In a video shared to YouTube, Derrick approached his wife as she was getting ready for work. Thinking he was just being silly, she poked her tongue out at him and carried on to the kitchen. 

But she paused when he told her that she wouldn't have to go to work that day, and that he wouldn't be going either. He then also told her that she was "definitely going to need" something, as he handed her a 10 Euro note. 

As her look of confusion deepened, he told her that they were on their way to the airport, before loudly saying "happy anniversary!" 


Utterly perplexed, she continued to look between her husband and the European currency in her hand.

At that point, Derrick thought he could move things along by telling her she had literally an hour and a half to pack her suitcase before the cab would be swinging by to pick them up. 


"You're not being serious?" she asked, and it was clear that she was starting to believe him, as a fleeting look of emotion swept across her face. And when he guaranteed her he was, she made him promise, this time with tears in her voice. 

Still confused, she continued to look at the money as Derrick told her to pack a bag, and even admitted he'd organized her leave at work and someone to look after their cats. 

It was at that point she realized he was being truthful, and she broke down in tears asking where they were going. 

Now getting emotional himself, Derrick's camera hand started shaking as she stood their crying in the middle of the kitchen. 

After another brief moment of disbelief, she insisted he put down the camera so that she could hug him for the wonderful surprise he had arranged for her.