Whoopi Goldberg's daughter remarried her husband 3 times for a good reason

Aby Rivas
May 30, 2018
12:28 P.M.
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Actress and producer Alex Martin, Whoopi Goldberg’s only daughter with her first husband, has a gorgeous family. But she went through a lot of ups and downs to reach the happy ever after she now has with husband Bernard Dean. Alex and Bernard have married and divorced three times, but it seems like they have finally found the stability they were missing in the past.


Celebritist learned from an interview that Alex Martin did with Madame Noire a few years ago that despite the struggles she endured in her relationship with the father of two of his kids, she still believes he’s the one, and she’s not letting him go again.

The 45-years-old star started her career in the entertainment industry following her mother’s steps back in 1993, when he made a special appearance in Whoopi’s film “Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit.” Later, she made appearances in short and TV films like “Quest of the Delta Knights,” “American Intellectuals,” “Call Me Claus,” and “Strange As Angels.”


Alex, whose real name is Alexandrea, had her first daughter, Amarah Skye, at 16 with an unknown man, and she later had two more kids with her on and off husband Bernard Dean: daughter Jerzey and son Mason.

Is not clear in what year Martin and Dean got married for the first time, but the couple has gone through two divorces and three wedding ceremonies through the past twenty years. Their last ceremony took place in 2011 in Las Vegas.


The couple made a simple ceremony that had the presence of their kids, Whoopi Goldberg, and other members of the family. Since then, Alex and her husband seem to have been living in a peaceful household now that their grown-up kids are no longer around.

In fact, in 2014, Alex and her mom worked together in the production of a new reality show titled “According to Alex” that followed the woman in her new business adventures and all the fortunes and misfortunes of her big family.


Speaking to Madame Noire a few years ago about the series, she was asked about her many divorces to the same man, and this is what she had to say:

“My family and I have been through a lot together. See, I’ve been married three times, but is not what you think. All three have been to the same man, Bernard. It’s about love, it’s about growing up, it’s about coming full circle.”


And added:

“It’s about destiny and fate and being where you’re supposed to be. So, that’s what I did three times…and I’d do it again.”

Alex sure sounds convinced about Bernard being the love of her life, and she has reassured her fans that he is the man of her dreams with cute photos on Instagram where they exude love and happiness being together.


We’re glad to know that after many attempts, Alex and her husband have finally found their peace of mind and a mutual ground on their marriage, as they have been together without any kind of couple scandal or trouble for seven years now.

What do you think about Alex Martin marrying and divorcing the same man so many times?