Willie Nelson abruptly walks off stage. Fans are seriously concerned about singer's health

May 28, 2018
11:46 P.M.
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Willie Nelson walked on stage, ready to strap on his guitar. Moments later, he kept his guitar back, threw his cap and walked off the stage without a warning.


Nelson's Outlaw Music Festival Tour had its show set in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Saturday, May 26. The audience was left dumbfounded when the country icon did not play even a note on his guitar.

The concert was scheduled to start around 9:40 p.m. Even 45 minutes later, Nelson did not show up on the stage. According to a one concertgoers, the singer made it on the stage twice without strumming his guitar even once.

One concertgoer posted a video snippet on Youtube showing Nelson entering the stage before abruptly deciding to storm off the stage. Nelson flung his hat into the crowd before leaving.


As he had entered, the crowd gave Nelson a huge cheer. Nelson acknowledged the crowd by waving at them as he took his position. He started to put on the guitar strap and pick up his guitar before he snapped and walked out.

Nelson's band looked clueless when the legendary singer left the stage for the second time. They stood at their positions wondering for a few seconds before following him off the stage. The band never returned to the stage that night.The attendees of the show were puzzled by Nelson's antics and it did not take time for them to share their experience on social media. 


One attendee, Tom Howard, shared that the fans waited for almost an hour without being informed about the cause of the delay. He criticized the singer and the organizers for the poor treatment of the paying customers.

Another fan, Bruce Boucher, shared that he was confused with Nelson's exit from the stage twice. He believed that he would not return on the stage that night. He also wished that he was the one catching the hat thrown by Nelson in anger.


Concertgoer Christine Fuller believed that Nelson was ticked about something while Billy Strickland joked that he deserves an apology from anyone who made Nelson angry.  

The crowd was informed about the reason that caused the cancellation of the show, eventually. Blackbird Presents shared a tweet and mentioned Nelson's inability to play on Saturday night due to an illness. 

The promoters urged the concertgoers to hold on to their tickets until the new date of the concert is announced.

85-year-old Nelson was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1993 and received the Kennedy Center Honors in 1998.