Diana Ross' ex-husband shares photo with all of their look-alike daughters

Did you know that executive producer, Robert Ellis Silberstein was once married to the legendary Diana Rose and that together they have three beautiful daughters? Well, these strong ladies are the perfect blend of their famous parents.

Robert Ellis Silberstein, 72, is an American music executive and businessman who has managed many a successful music careers, including that of his ex-wife, Diana Ross as well as Status Quo. He and Ross were married from1971-1977 and together they have three children; two biological and the third who Ellis raised as his own.

From a young age, the family unit was close-knit, and it has remained so to date. The once little girls; Tracee Ellis, Chudney, and Rhonda, have grown up into successful ladies. Since they were brought up in the limelight, they all chose careers that shone it all on them; Tracee is an actress especially known for her roles in Girlfriends and Black-ish.  Apart from being actresses, Chudney and Rhonda are singers too.

Robert is certainly a proud daddy, and he never misses the chance to remind the world that he is their proud parent. He recently took to Instagram to show the three off to the world, and the surprising thing was their resemblance, even Rhonda, who only shares a mom with the other two.  

Also, you notice Tracee uses “Ellis” as her middle name, right?

“My father’s name is Robert Ellis Silberstein, and he dropped Silberstein, we all dropped Silberstein. I really felt strongly that I wanted my father’s name in my name, because everyone knows I’m my mom’s daughter, but I’m also very much my dad’s daughter. And I wanted him, when my name hit a screen, to know that I was also part of him. And so Tracee Ellis Ross it is.”

A beautiful relationship, theirs is.

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