Kim Kardashian goes nearly nude flaunting underpants in see-through dress

Kim Kardashian West has never been afraid to show her body to anyone who cares, and that has been for the most part her Instagram family. The mother of three recently took her nudity game to a new level when she wore close to nothing to an event.

Kim Kardashian West's Instagram page is her canvas and she is the artist. Better yet, she is the masterpiece and is unafraid to show off her curves to the public. Mrs. West recently took her love for nudity to a new level when she posted a photo of her walking the streets. Instead of being dressed in her usually revealing outfits that cover her entire body, she was in a see-through dress that showed her beige panties, the only thing she had underneath.

Kim took to the streets in a taupe mid-length coat, her signature clear-strapped Yeezy heels and what can only be described as a very thin, very sheer piece of gauze wrapped around her body. Her nipples, which were covered by her coat, threatened visibility, but we can only guess the coat was glued to the “dress” to prevent an expose. Most of Kim’s Instagram fans found this uncaptioned image in poor taste and they let her know their thoughts.

One Commenter: “Did she run out of clean clothes disgusting your a mother of 3 dress appropriately.”

Another one said: “She js trying too hard now. Really, why even wear anything under that jacket.”

One fan came to Kim’s defense, but she was one in very few: “Wtf is she really wearing tho... Don't dress the way your husband or the world wants you to dress truly dress to make yourself happy and feel comfortable.”

This is not the first time the mother of three is exposing too much to her fans. When she launched her perfume, the reality show star had it designed in the shape of her naked body.

Well, the last person to be bothered by negative comments is Kim Kardashian. We are willing to bet she posts yet another shocking photo soon.

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