Fireman leans out of the window to catch suicidal woman as she jumped from the building

Rebelander Basilan
Jun 08, 2018
09:01 A.M.
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The remarkable footage shows Tomass Jaunzems who managed to catch a suicidal woman as she leaped from the building.


In the video that was shared by the Latvian fire service on Facebook recently, Jaunzems is seen supported by a colleague leaning out of the window and looking upwards towards a falling woman.

Then seconds later, he leans forward and somehow managing to grab hold of the struggling woman before pulling her into the building.

According to Jaunzems, he arrived at the scene due to reports that there's a woman sitting on a window ledge on the fourth floor, Unilad reported.


He told the Latvian local media, Skaties (translated by Google):

“The second order was for me – go to the third floor. If anything, try to capture this woman if she decides to jump.”

The woman was ‘immediately transferred to the hands of the medical staff,’ according to the news outlet.

Jaunzems’ and his colleague’s heroic act has been praised by the head of the State Fire and Rescue Service, and the Minister of the Interior.


The fire service wrote about the call (translated):

"During the weekend, the VUGD received a call to a multi-apartment building where there was a suspicion that a person was going to jump through the fourth floor window. When arriving at the scene, firefighters rescuers realised that if they were trying to get into the apartment, one would most likely jump over the window.

Thanks to the neighbours’ response, firefighter rescuers could enter the floor in the apartment below and prepare to grab this person in a fall. While one firefighter rescuer was waiting for a fall at the window, the other ensured that the interceptors could rescue the falling person firmly. Meanwhile, firefighters with mountaineering equipment tried to access people on the sill from the roof of the building, but the rescuers noticed that human hands had fallen and dropped. [sic]"

Jaunzems was also praised by social media users and politicians after the video was posted.

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