Young talent show contestant shows judges exactly how an expert yodels

Jun 08, 2018
03:49 A.M.
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Sofia Shkidchenko wowed the crowd with her expert yodeling when she auditioned for Ukraine’s Got Talent. The judges were speechless, to say the least.


When Shkidchenko stepped out on the center stage, the people were skeptical about her, including the judges.There she was, a little girl in pigtails wearing a blue and white checkered dress.

The moment the song started and she began to open her mouth, all the people, especially the panel were shocked.

She began with an adorable dance move and later revealed her sweet but strong voice.

On the stage, Shkidchenko proved that she is a powerhouse.


Her voice came with an unusual, country twang. The best part about her voice was the way she could yodel with such ease. 

The judges started to exchange looks since they were shocked with the little girl’s unique performance.

One of the male judges clapped along as Shkidchenko perfectly sang the country song.


The first few yodels she did were already impressive but the moment she dived into a full-on yodel, everybody’s jaw dropped.

Shkidchenko never missed a beat and remained on pitch the whole time.

Toward the end of her performance, she became the favorite of the crowd. She was met with standing ovations and the judges were clearly impressed by what she did.


Apart from her now-viral audition on Ukraine’s Got Talent, Shkidchenko also has an official Facebook page and her own YouTube channel.

She has uploaded quite a few videos on her channel where she does covers and features herself singing at different contests and events.

She does not only yodel, she can also perfectly sing famous pop songs and other genres.

Surely, Shkidchenko has a long journey ahead of her. She definitely has what it takes to become a popular artist someday. For more info about this budding star, visit our Twitter account, @amomama_usa.