21 Tweets that tell it all about the ever-loving struggle of having kids

Having kids is like getting on a House of Horror and having no idea how or when it will end. All the ups, downs, turns and scary and surprising things, sometimes are more than you were ready for. Having to describe what it is like to be a parent or what a normal day is like, it is the most difficult thing to do

Image Credit: Freepik

Image Credit: Freepik

Thank god there is more than one way to feel happy of being a parent and more than way way to relate and make fun of these cute little kids and their parents. Luckily, here we will show you a list of 21 Tweets that tell it all about the ever-loving struggle of having kids for you to relate and have a blast laughing with them.

Image Credit: Freepik

Image Credit: Freepik

1. They put down their true feelings.

Writing an ode to french fries is something we have not seen in very long time. God saves the fries in all its glory, we have to appreciate them more... Both the kid and the fries.

2. They make so much sense.

We all women should apply this to our lives. Get ready early, girl. This boy has a lot to teach all of us. Now you know, Shakira. Whenever you have to be somewhere, get ready 5 hours early and you are all set!

3. Fanny pack–induced concern.

I can understand this kid. You never know what can someone fit in a fanny pack. The uncertainty is real! Besides, they look really funny with it.

4. Shadows are pretty freaky if you think about it.

This is just funny. I thought I was the only one having a tantrum because of this. I get it girl, it is frustrating to be followed by yourself all the time°

5. Priorities

I have always thought there are more important things in life rather than a plate of delicious spaghetti. Wait, there is not. At least for me. 

6. Might sound crazy

Being able to end an argument with dairy, is magical.. This girl may not be my child, but I am just as proud of her as her mom. Good parenting.

7. Uh oh...

Mom, you just don't understand that maybe the hat had a heart drew on it and you didn't knew. Trust her, she knows what love is.

8. Just in case you forgot.

Maybe you enter in the twilight sone while in the bathrom and forget who you are or who your kids are? He is just cheking.

9. Kids ask the craziest questions.

This is a kind with a vision. He is wanting to make some business and would like to know the interest rate he'd get and how much will he earn from it.

10. How do you even know what hair tastes like?

I have never thought to compare broccoli's taste to hair, but it is knd of true... Wait, what? I didn't taste my hair, you did!

11. You act like this is only a child's thought process.

Oh, gluttony. Dear gluttony. I can relate. I also want more chips.. I want more of everything!

12. You have to give them credit

At least they have the decency to ask before... And after they did the job and ate te ice cream.  You are doing it great, kids.

13. Children are so innovative.

It's ok. This is just a reminder to her father, that she will grow up to be a woman. I bet the dad cried when he saw this.

14. Say goodbye to sleep.

Kids are the best alarm clock you will ever have in your life. Appreciate it right now.. You will miss them when they grow up and go to college. Then, you will have time to sleep.

15. Joke's on you!

Hahaha! Don't play with your kid's innocence, that's rude, dad!... But I would do the same with my kids everyday.

16. Pretty much the same thing.

Elders sound the same is this situation. At least my mom does, she thinks she's drowning with the water on her face, so her natural reaction is to open her mouth and yell. Well, the logic.. 

17. Just keep smiling.

Thismom will never achieve her dream to be a model. At least not with the help of her kid photobombing all the frames.

18. It affects the taste.

Seriously mom! Sandwiches are ment to be eaten in triangles. They have the perfect filling distribution and are the perfect size for them. 

19. A better meal than I could ever make.

This man is proued of his daughter's dinner idea. A 'balanced' meal, with its carbs, protein, fats and sugar? It sounds like a healthy meal for me.

20. Babies teach you how to do new things every day.

Your burritos might be nice and tight Mark, but you will never eat a hot meal again.. At least in a long, long time.

21. Ma'am, is this your child?

This mom will never be able to seat alone again... Having the audacity to deny her own kid in a plane? Priceless! Mom also deserves a good and quiet plane ride without all the noise around her. Would you not?

Parenting is as comforting, as is challenging. But when the kids are the ones making us laugh with their witticism, is more than relatable to feel good about having them in your life. 

Image Credit: Freepik

Image Credit: Freepik

Have you ever met a kid like any of the included on this list? Share it with your friends and let us know.

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