Remember C.J. from 'House of Payne'? He quit acting after his mother's death

Jun 18, 2018
11:26 A.M.
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Allen Payne is best known for his role as C.J on Tyler Perry's “House of Payne” and even though he has been actively acting since his debut in 1988, he took a break to mourn his mother.


Even though Allen Payne has been on movies such as New Jack City, Jason’s Lyric, and CB4, it is his recurring role as C.J. on Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne” that made him a household name. He made his debut on the screen in 1988 on the Bill Cosby Show as Lance, the energetic teenager with an infectious smile. Years later, he still charms with his smile and has his good looks.


The actor has aged graciously, something he attributes to working out and incorporating lots of veggies and fruits in his meals. The actor said he developed the healthy eating habits as a way to beat diseases that are quite common in his family. “My family began to develop these chronic diseases. We’ll actually love them through the process and then they would die. Then another family member would go through the same thing. Interestingly enough, when I moved to California for movies, and that opened up my world to the health and raw vegan, vegetarian movement. First I was a pescatarian then a vegetarian. And then I even was a raw vegan for a while. Then I developed healing habits.”


Reflecting on his career that spans over two decades, the actor notes that it is quite an achievement for a black actor. “It’s so rare for someone to have a career and expand over 20 years. I don’t know too many Black actors in particular. 

He, however, had to take a break to mourn one important person.

“After my mother died, I stepped away from acting. I chose to look inward and find myself, and I think that’s important when you’re an actor. You spend so much time trying to work and being interpreted by fans, executives and people in Hollywood, that you can lose a sense of yourself. You’ve got to get back to that.”

In his pursuit of privacy, Payne does not have any social media accounts, Celebritist noted. He lives privately trying as much as possible to avoid the spotlight. As for his legacy, “I’m going to do my part and just try to leave a legacy of a brother who worked hard, who understood who he was and spend a lot of time trying to help others reach that same point in their lives.”