5-year-old girl has dream 'wedding' before risky open-heart surgery

Sophia Chiappalone looks like any other five-year-old but has a serious health problem. Her mother decided to fulfill her wedding dream before her risky surgery.

The ceremony was documented by Marisa Balletti-Lavoie of Sassy Mouth Photography in Meriden, Connecticut, and was streamed live on Facebook on October 24, 2017.

Five-year-old Sophia Elyssa Chiappalone defied medical odds after being born with only half of a heart. In half a decade of her life so far, the little one had to be operated 26 times including three open-heart surgeries.

Her mother, Kristy Somerset-Chiappalone, described her daughter as a “miracle,” reported NBCCT.

She said, "She was born with half of a heart — the whole right side of her heart was missing.”

The family was to travel to Boston Children’s Medical Center where she would undergo another risky, open-heart surgery. 

A couple of weeks before they left for Boston, Kristy asked her daughter if she wanted to do anything, while suggesting Great Wolf Lodge

Sophia had a special wish – she wanted to marry Hunter Laferriere. The two had met at Vacation Bible Camp at St. John’s Church and had been inseparable since then.

Kristy said that the two shared a special bond since pre-school. “The way they are together is just so heartwarming,” she added.

Once Sophia had expressed her wish, the mother got in touch with Hunter’s mother, Tracy, who readily agreed. It helped that the two were friends.

Tracy said that she “cried a lot” when she heard the five-year-old’s wish and wanted to make it happen.

She then contacted Sassy Mouth Photography for a mock bridal shoot, while Bliss Bridal Shop in Cheshire donated Sophia’s gowns and the mothers pulled off a beautiful wedding photoshoot.

Kristy said that she had not seen her daughter “this happy for so long.” She only hoped that her daughter lives a long life and marries Hunter when she is 25. 

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