7 celebrity moms who have children with Down syndrome

These amazing mothers are sharing the images of their child with Down Syndrome on social media and helping to raise awareness about the condition.

Mighty put together a list of these celebrity mothers, who have millions of followers on social media, and are using the platform to spread the beautiful message

All of them are sending out a powerful message to the world regarding how beautiful one's life can be with these children.

1. Maria Doyle Kennedy

The Tudors star has an adult son with Down Syndrome named Daniel. He is a star in his own right and has appeared in the short film that Kennedy directed, titled A Different Kind of Day

2. Julie Newmar

The popular Cat Woman of the 60's, from the widely adored TV Show, Batman, Newmar shares the life of her only son, John, who has Down Syndrome.

“He’s the cause of the great expansion of my outlook on life. He’s responsible for my understanding and practice of unconditional love. John is what makes my life great,” she told about her son in an interview with Closer Weekly.

3. Lisa Gungor

The star's daughter, Lucette, is a child with Down Syndrome, and she has even written a song called Light alongside with her husband Michael Gungor and dedicated it to their daughter.

4. Joey Feek

The iconic country star who passed away in 2016 due to cancer shared a beautiful daughter named Indiana, who has Down Syndrome. Indiana is her daughter with country legend Rory Feek.

5. Amanda Booth

The famous model has a son named Micah, who has Down Syndrome. Booth has always remained a strong advocate for people with this condition.

Another photograph shared by Booth showed the image of the mother and son and her caption talked about how privileged she felt to be a part of a book titled, Mother and Child.

6. Caterina Scorsone

The actress frequently shares photographs on her Instagram account of her adorable little daughter, Paloma, who has Down Syndrome. Scorsone captioned one of such photographs addressing her condition, 'Beauty. Love. Peace. Contentment. Acceptance. Belonging. Freedom. Adventure. Blessings beyond my wildest dreams.'

7. Sally Phillips

Phillips has a song named Ollie, who has Down Syndrome. Inspired by her son's condition, she made a documentary movie in 2016 titled, A World Without Down Syndrome?

These seven celebrity moms are only a few of the many American parents who have children with Down Syndrome. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in every 700 babies in the  United States is born with Down syndrome.

Fortunately, because of social media, more moms are sharing their lives with their children with Down Syndrome, which has got the people talking about the condition.

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