Restaurant has touching response to man who asked 'permission' to bring disabled son inside

The Barrel Chapeltown took to Facebook to inform any person with disabilities or parents of children with disabilities that they were all welcome in his pub.

The pub's message came after a father asked the owner, Steph Tate, if he was allowed to bring his son inside. The father explained to Tate that he received comments in the past regarding his son making loud noises and waving his hands around.

Tate was deeply affected by the father's request. She immediately welcomed the man and his son inside and assured him that they were always welcome in her pub.

But Tate did not want to stop just there. She wanted to make sure that no person with disabilities would have to think twice before entering her place

So she wrote on her pub's official Facebook page, 'My intention is not to embarrass the parent who I spoke to yesterday, it has played on my mind all night about how this man must have felt asking me if his child would be accepted in here.”

She further explained that the incident got her thinking about how many people there must have been who were facing similar problems.

She wrote in the same post that the doors to her is pub were open for everyone, and he and his staff would always do everything possible to help accommodate the disabled guests.

“If you’re sat at home with a disabled child, partner or friend and feel on edge about taking them anywhere due to fear of someone making comments please feel free to bring them here,” she wrote.

She further assured the readers that if anyone made comments about a person with disabilities or became disrespectful toward them, the offenders would be removed from his pub.

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