Little karate kid 'saves girl from big bad instructor' in hilarious video

The young girl was struggling to fight off her instructor during practice, when one little boy decided he needed to be her knight in shining armor and come save her. 

Everyone would like to think that they would step in and help if they come across someone in trouble, but this chivalrous young man actually did come to the rescue of a little girl when he saw her in danger. 

Okay, she wasn't really in danger, as the incident in question took place during a self-defense training session with her karate instructor in 2016, but it's easy to see why he would be confused. 

The girl is squirming around on the floor, having a hard time fighting off the fully grown male instructor who is training her. 

Source: YouTube/Kyoot

Source: YouTube/Kyoot

While the parents cheer her on from the sidelines, and the rest of her class watched on in fascination, waiting for their own turn, she kicked and threw her arms out in an attempt to halt the "attack" from the instructor.

From the audience, one of the parents can be heard encouraging the little girl to kick her instructor and run away, but there are plenty of other instructions emanating from the crowd as well. 

At one point, she manages to crawl away, but only for a few seconds before she is snatched up again. 

Source: YouTube/Kyoot

Source: YouTube/Kyoot

After she is recaptured, she decides to finally heed the suggestion to kick the instructor, aiming her legs in a sharp upwards motion towards his chest as she struggles on her back on the floor. 

It's at this point that another little boy across the room in a different class with another instructor sees what is happening to the girl, and decides he must intervene to save her. 

Fortunately, a parent in the audience was filming the class, and caught the next hilarious few seconds on camera. 

The little girl again kicked at her instructor before managing to roll free of his grip. As her instructor reached for her again, the tiny boy came charging across the gymnasium floor, and punched the instructor in his hip. 

With that done, he turned around and walked smartly back to his own class, with the raucous laughter and the perplexed look on the instructor's face following him. 

Despite the hilarity that ensued, the parents took a moment to applaud the young man for his brave actions in saving her. 

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