Gospel star Le'Andria Johnson issues an apology after cussing out the Church & Marvin Winans

After blasting insults at the church and a pastor named Marvin Winans on a viral video, Le'Andria Johnson made sure to apologize for the use of curse words during her angry rant. 

Her rant made her a target for internet hate over the past few days, and according to Atlanta Black Star, her rage rant was the same reason why she was taken out of the gospel lineup of the recently finished Essence Festival after organizers had learned of her blasphemous words. 

While she did apologize, Johnson stands firm in her belief that the church has too many politics in it, and putting her message across is what she wanted to happen.

However, this rant of hers was the cause for her removal from the gospel lineup of the recently wrapped up Essence Festival after organizers learned of her comments.

“To all of my fans who are out there who do go to church, me saying [expletive] the Church, I meant to address the politics of the church. All the little undermining things that [are] going on in the Church that hurt people like me, people like other people who have been through a lot of things in the church. You know Christianity, it’s just a lot that’s going on. So the way I said it, using the F-bomb, I apologize to the fans of mine that do go to church. I do apologize if I’ve offended you."

It was just a few days ago that Johnson posted the controversial video, which got her removed from the Essence Festival and in extremely hot water with other gospel singers. In her rant, she said that she would have been as big as Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams, Fred Hammond, Beyonce, and Brandy, if she played "the game" in the church. 

Le'Andria also said that she was tired of getting kicked out of churches due to her habit of cursing, and trying to be herself. In the end, she also revealed that she was treated poorly by Pastor Winans, and she wanted to make sure he knew it offended her. 

“I don’t care whose spiritual father he is. He could have been mine but no. He wanted to go past me like I was a peasant. Walked right past me like I was a peasant … And you ain’t even know, I’m a product of you. But it’s all good, though. Now you know.”

After her apology, she won the support of most of her followers, with some even saying that she didn't have to say sorry. 

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