"Game of Thrones” characters ranked according to their zodiac sign

The signs of the zodiac can tell you a lot about your personality and predispositions. They tell us who the people are, how they behave and what their main attributes are by which we recognize them and give them a place in our lives.

Today, however, we decided not to examine what it says about us, but about the heroes and recognized characters of the "Game of Thrones" series. Check through this short list who you would be in the series according to your zodiac sign and who resemble the characters to you.

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Aries - Arya Stark

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and symbolizes the beginning. It is active, creative, adventurous and impulsive, with reactions that can become somewhat abrupt. We could say that its motto is "dare now, repent later". It also tends to be impatient when things do not go as fast as, according to it, they should go.

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Like a typical Aries, Arya never gives up and fights to the end. She is brave, impetuous and very stubborn. It is also one of the strongest and indomitable characters in the series. Arya, after the death of her loved ones, learned to survive and fight constantly in search of revenge.

Taurus - Tyrion Lannister

He likes the beautiful things that nature offers him because in general, he is a person of simple tastes who loves and knows how to appreciate beauty everywhere. He radiates harmony and sensuality. He is realistic, with his feet on the ground. Tyrion, like all Taurus members, enjoys life, likes to flirt and have fun.

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But when he loves, he is very faithful and fulfills his duties in an honest and responsible manner. At first, this character was known as a lover of drink and bodily pleasures. In recent seasons, by cooperating with the "Mother of the Dragons", he proved that he can wisely advise and plan strategies.

Gemini - Jaime Lannister

The sign of Gemini is a dual sign, which allows him to easily adapt to any situation. Sensitive and intuitive, he likes to learn new things and surround himself with people willing to share his ideals. Jaime, like each twin, has two faces and a dual nature.

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On the one hand, it is a very impulsive intrigue, but, on the other hand, he also has a sensitive and righteous side. This gentleman at first showed himself to be a very hated murderer who had an affair with his sister, but over time he seems to be a sensitive and even loyal man.

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Cancer - Margaery Tyrell

It is a very sensitive person. Like the crab, it has a hard shell to protect it from the outside. Its interior is fragile, it tends to spend its whole life with emotional ups and downs, and it usually retires to its childhood in search of answers about who it is today. It faces life with a certain fear of the future.

Cancer is very affectionate and attached to their loved ones, for those who are ready for the greatest sacrifice. They are very emotional and delicate. Margaery had a very good relationship with her brother Loras and her grandmother, Lady Olenna, and was a friend of Sansa's. She was also popular with the inhabitants of the capital because she liked children and loved helping the poor.

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Leo - Daenerys Targaryen

Leo personifies the Lion. It is strong, admired by all and its power is the engine of its life. It often falls into superficiality and ostentation, although it must also be said that it is much more than just that image. It could not be different. Lions feel like the lords of the world.

They want to take care of the weakest, they have a lot of confidence in themselves and in their strength, but they have a great sense of justice. Like Daenerys. She is a very good queen who believes in saving the world with her power. She is generous with those who deserve it. And treat her dragons as if they were her childrens.

Virgo - Ned Stark

Prudent and reasonable, he sometimes has an analytical spirit, sometimes critical, about himself and about those around him. He is meticulous and likes things well done in his own way, which is the only valid way in his way of understanding. He can become obsessed with small details that others hardly see.

The Virgos are conscious, diligent, fair and helpful people. Like Ned Stark, he loved his family, he was good to his people, faithful and devoted to the king. He always acted according to the rules, he was honest in every situation, and everyone could count on him. He was fair and believed in honor, which unfortunately became the cause of his death.

Libra - Brienne de Tarth

It is sweet and seductive. It likes to surround itself with beauty and harmony, the most important thing in its life is in the contacts and the way of relating to others. Restless and curious by nature, it tends to be frustrated often and dissatisfied when it believes or senses that things are not going the way it would like. It hardly compromises, but when it does, you cannot doubt its word.

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Libra is a zodiac sign that strongly seeks justice and balance. Try to be fair and impartial. It is this sense of right conduct, loyalty, and fairness that makes Brienne of Tarth better suited to this sign. She will fight against everyone until she fulfills the oath she made with Catelyn Stark. With devotion, she follows the path to which she has been assigned.

Scorpio - Cersei Lannister

Scorpio is the sign of instinct, of potency, of security, as well as of mystery, of the ghosts that each one lodge inside. It is an extreme person in everything it undertakes, it makes itself felt without wanting it, because its firm, sure and strong step is felt.

Scorpions are characterized by their intense feelings, their determination and a strong commitment to everything they do. These characteristics are even acuter in Cersei. This woman has constantly and absolutely aspired to the goal without caring about anything or anyone. For her children, she can be cruel, she can even kill if necessary. 

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Sagittarius - Sansa Stark

It is characterized by its independent personality, frank and friendly, open to new challenges, but also open to itself. Sagittarius is cheerful, sincere and direct, but often under this appearance, the true face of the devil is hidden. Sansa is initially a happy and confident girl, but she shows her real face more and more. Her desire for power and her strong will to survive.

Capricorn - Jon Snow

With his great ambition, we cannot fail to mention his enormous discipline at work, but also in other areas of his life, in continuous search of a professional and, by extension, personal accomplishment. Discreet and calm, he travels the marked path in his life without making his intentions known, which makes it mysterious and unpredictable in the face of others.

For Capricorn, the most important thing in life is the goal. To achieve this, they are conservative, disciplined and persistent. For Jon, not only the family is important, but his goal is to protect the people of the White Walkers. Through his wisdom, honesty and great determination, he is chosen as the king, but he does not forget that his duty is to save people.

Aquarium - Jorah Mormont

He is idealistic and has a great sense of justice and tolerance, he is committed to helping as much as possible to make his world a better place. To Aquarius, he does not like the established rules. If you think of Ser Jorah Mormont, everything will make more sense. He is a good warrior and strategist, but he often follows his path even without regard to honor.

Pisces- Bran Stark

It is a dual sign, difficult to describe because his imagination and inner world have no limits. Sometimes you may have difficulty determining where the real ends and where the imaginary begins. His great sensibility and intuition increase his receptivity to those things difficult to perceive for the earthliest signs, so to speak. But it is also more vulnerable and fragile than the other signs.

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Pisces often see reality as something too brutal and prefer to escape from it to their illusions and dreams. They have developed intuition very well. Bran Stark has always seen beyond everything and feels stronger than his brothers. He has prophetic dreams, and his destiny was to become "the three-eyed crow." He has paranormal abilities that separate him from the other characters.

Do you feel identified with any of these characters by their sign? You probably know much more about each of them, but you have not noticed that much of their personalities are marked by their signs and the way they affect who they are and how they develop in the series that we like so much.

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