Michael Landon's youngest son is 31 and he is even more handsome than his legendary dad

Michael was one of the most sought-after actors on television during the time he worked on series such as "Bonanza" and "La Casa de la Pradera" and managed to achieve success despite the hard childhood he had to live.

Landon was married three times, so he had about 9 children, some of them adopted. Michael's younger children, Cindy, Sean, and Jennifer, now of legal age, have commented anecdotes about their father and their favorite memories, so they have the memory of their father very present. Currently, each of them is making his own life, Jennifer as an actress and Sean in real estate development. Both admit that growing up without a father is quite difficult.

Sean and Jennifer stay connected to their father in a very peculiar way. Both are ambassadors of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, in order to raise awareness about the disease that ended with their father. They said that the fight against pancreatic cancer will always be important to them

Cheryl wrote the book hoping her father's story would inspire many, just as it was for her family and friends. According to his daughter, and any expert these experiences could have sunk Landon, but the actor knew how to turn their problems into challenges.

Cheryl will always remember her father for his incredible power to love, and he wants his story to help all people find the same strength as him.

The charismatic Michael died at 54 due to pancreatic cancer but will always remain in our memory for his famous characters.

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