August 07, 2018

Woman asks husky 'Wanna go for a walk?' and gets a hilarious reaction from her dog

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Dogs are usually happy about their walks. Too often, they are more than eager to jump on the next opportunity to go out on a stroll. However, this Siberian Husky has different ideas about leaving the comfort of the home couch.

A video uploaded to YouTube by Rumble Viral shows Zeus the Husky showing a hilarious tantrum when his owner calls him to go out on a walk.

The video begins with Zeus sitting on the living room couch. Clearly, the dog is too fond of the couch and has no intention of leaving it any time soon.

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But then his owner, a woman, calls out to him, asking, “Zeus, you wanna go for a walk?” But the dog only lets out a loud whining noise as if arguing against leaving the comfort of the couch.

“Gotta get off the couch! Come on!” the woman tries to convince him some more. “You can’t stay on the couch all day.”

The husky, however, seems in no mood of listening to the woman. He continues his whining, elongating it and making a louder noise as if to die down his owner’s instructive voice.

Source: YouTube/Rumble Viral


“Stop talking back, let’s go,” the woman keeps on persisting, but the Husky ignores her every instruction.

The hilarious encounter has been adored by the people on the internet with more than 900,000 people already watching the brief clip. It has gathered more than 2,000 likes so far.

Source: YouTube/Rumble Viral

This is not the first time that the tantrum from Zeus has gone viral. A similar story published back in May also showed him giving a similar reaction when he was asked to get off his routine bath.

Another video uploaded on YouTube showed Zeus lying inside a bath-tub and ‘playing dead,’ so that he does not have to go out for a walk with his owner.