15+ Vintage Photos Of Grocery Stores That Bring Sweet Nostalgie

Most of us spend at least 30 or 45 minutes every week looking for something in a grocery store, which means that it is one of the places where we spend more time except for our home or work. This is why the old images of these stores always arouse some interesting nostalgia to see the way they have changed over the years through this short list of photographs that we present below.

23. Piggly Wiggly, Memphis, Tennessee, 1918.

An image of the establishment totally empty after a long day of serving the various customers who come every day.

22. Internal view of a Chicago grocery store, 1920.

We can observe the store manager waiting for customers and a large number of highly organized products.

21. Grocery store in Bremerton, Washington, 1925.

20. Interior of a Piggly Wiggly grocery store, 1959.

19. Man and his dogs in front of a grocery store, Robinson, Illinois, 1940.

18. Grand Grocery Company, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1942.

We can see the prices of that time and the different offers they had in their products, in addition to the brands that still persist.

17. Interior view of a "Ralph" grocery store in Los Angeles, 1943.

This chain of stores was very famous from this time, having several branches around the country and providing large quantities of products.

16. Market Tulip Town, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, 1945.

We can see in the picture several workers of this market posing at the cash registers while waiting for customers.

15. Kroger grocery store, Lexington, Kentucky, 1947.

14. Payment lines at Kroger grocery store, Lexington, Kentucky, 1947.

13. Grocery Store Houchens, Kentucky, 1950.

12. James Dean buys groceries in Marfa, Texas, 1955.

The celebrities were no different from us at the time, they also went to this kind of market to buy their food and splurge on style.

11. Supermarket in Elkton, Michigan, 1958.

We can see in the image a couple of workers attending a lady while shopping in this store.

10. Jayne Mansfield buying groceries, 1959.

It was not strange that the famous people of the time went to the grocery stores to buy groceries or to promote the chain of stores.

9. Parking of a grocery store, West Covina, California, 1959.

8. Grocery shopping, 1960.

7. Outside a grocery store in Vancouver, 1960.

It was very common to see children without their parents in grocery stores because they were part of the community.

6. Grocery store in Evansville, Indiana, 1960.

5. Grocery store in Michigan, 1962.

4. Paying by check, 1970s.

Although it was not very common to see someone paying by check at that time, some people used them when their purchases were very large.

3. Shopping cart, 1974.

In this picture we can see a very proud lady accompanied by a shopping cart filled with a large number of products in this grocery store.

2. A woman in a grocery store, 1978.

In the image we see a lady walking through the aisles of this grocery store in search of her family's food.

1. Refreshments in glass bottles, 1980.

Soft drinks and sodas in glass bottles were very common in this era, in this image we can see the great variety that existed.

What memories do you have of this time? Times have changed a lot, just like people. These images bring us memories of a different time in which people took the activity of going to buy groceries as an entertainment that was part of their daily routine.

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