August 14, 2018

Grandma's perfect response to cashier who shamed her in a grocery store

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A senior woman was settling her bill at a grocery store counter when the cashier started making rude remarks unaware that she would be receiving a response that would leave her dumbfounded. 

The woman, taken aback at first with the cashier's behavior, quickly recovered and gave a fitting reply to the young cashier. 

Elders have gained their experience and wisdom from the tough times that they have been through in life and young people have always been told to respect them. 

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But one particular girl thought that she knew it all and did not show any respect to a senior woman coming through the checkout line. 


As the cashier started billing the items bought by the elderly woman, she patronizingly said to her that she should begin to carry her own grocery bags to the store because plastic bags are bad for the environment. 

The elderly woman, tough surprised with the tone in which this was said, calmly replied with an apology, “We didn't have this 'green thing' back in my earlier days,” she said. 

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The cashier did not let the conversation end with this. She went ahead and responded that the environmental problems faced by people nowadays is because the older generation did not care enough and save the environment for the future generations.

The older woman had listened to enough of the cashier's unruly comments. She pointed out all the things that her generation did that were, in fact, helpful towards preserving the environment. 

She told that back in the day the people of her generation returned milk, soda and beer bottles to the store and the store, in turn, sent them back to the plant to be washed and sterilized and refilled so the same containers could be used again. 


So they were recycling stuff even though they did not have the green thing back then. 

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The woman continued saying that during their times there were no escalators in every building and so they walked up the stairs. 


The previous generation walked to grocery stores and banks instead of using cars to travel even two blocks every time. 

The elderly woman's generation washed their baby's diaper because they didn't have disposable diapers during their time. 

The old lady went to add that they dried their clothes on a line and not in the dryer that takes up so much electricity, saying that they used wind and solar energy instead of wasting power. 

Back in their time, there was only one small television for the whole house, instead of a big TV per room.

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The work in the kitchen was done by hand because they did not have electric machines to cook food.

People always took the bus or streetcar to commute daily, and children rode their bicycles or walked to school, instead of having their mothers drive a mini-van all the time. 

The woman went on to add that the older generation did not need an electric gadget to tell about the nearest place to get pizza everytime they wanted to get some pizza. 

The young cashier was left tongue-tied after hearing the woman's response. The woman got her billing done and left the store. 

The cashier would sure have learned a lesson and would think twice before disrespecting any other elderly person again. 

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