Michelle Obama's Portrait Stuns Little Girl: Viral Photo Becomes the Cover of a Book

Comfort Omovre
May 08, 2019
02:07 A.M.
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Undoubtedly, children are as sweet and loving as they can be, the young Miss Parker Curry who seemed bedazzled by the image of Michelle Obama shows how much she idolizes the former First Lady, and it arrests the attention of the public.


Michelle Obama, is the wife of an ex American President; both made history as being the first African-American President, and First Lady. The uniqueness of their reign was highlighted by a four-year-old black girl who holds Mrs Obama in high esteem.


About a year ago, an image of the little missy was captured while she fixed her gaze on Michelle's portrait in amazement. The priceless photo surfaced on the internet, and the news of the little girl looking at the picture spread like wildfire!

According to the information garnered, the youngster was "so fascinated" by the picture, that she took her time to stare at it. The portrait was designed by Amy Sherald and hung on the walls of the Portrait Gallery, Washington.

Her mother, Jessica Curry was thrilled at the turnout of the event that she assisted her daughter in writing a book titled "Parker Looks Up." The story centres on the visit of two buddies to the museum, and they both seem transfixed by the paintings and portraits on display.


In an interview, she said:

"Parker's everyday moment became an extraordinary one, and my sincerest hope is that our book will continue to resonate that moment's power and promise, its hope and dreams, its inspiration and indelible impact with Parker, her generation, and generations to come. After all. with their inner and profound insight and wisdom, our children are truly our future."

The charming toddler has always perceived Michelle as her role model, and she even admits to wanting to be like her, as she believes the former First Lady is a queen, she intends to be a queen herself.

It appears the little Missy adores her icon, as she insisted on dressing like her in a Halloween costume. She informed her mother of her intentions to create a replica of the photo she saw of Michelle at the gallery. Jessica confessed that she was surprised because she thought her little princess would probably want to be Princess Elsa or some other fairytale-Disney kind of princess.


Notwithstanding, both mother and child embarked on a journey of adorning Parker like the delectable photo. They got the help of Alisha Welsh of Magnolia Lake Children's Clothing.

54-year-old Mrs Obama was more than pleased when she caught a glimpse of her little fan, and she reposted the image that had the youngster giving a poise boss-lady look on her handle with the caption:

"You nailed the look, Parker! I love it!!!!”


Both Michelle and young Parker have seen face to face, and they each had a fair share of fun. While the little go-getter talks ceaselessly about Michelle to her mother; Michelle revealed on her social media handle that she was delighted to meet with her biggest fan.

She had this to say about the young chap:

"Parker, I'm so glad I had the chance to meet you today and for the dance party! Keep on dreaming big for yourself...and maybe one day I'll proudly look up at a portrait of you."